how to build a pool surround

what is your favorite way to kill sims?

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24 eerily smart rooms and homes

zuck's house. the facebook ceo's personal challenge for 2016 was to build a 'simple ai' for his palo alto, calif., home. the result: a morgan freeman-voiced system named jarvis after iron man's ai

3 ways to customize microsoft edge

at the moment windows 10 pro insider preview build 10158 , there's not a ton you can do to customize the new edge browser to make it look and act the way you want. but you can change the browser


make your way around the building to climb up to the roof and through a vent. don't bother yourself with any of faith's apparitions, it's obvious she's just being salty. make your way inside and you'll see tracy along with a few other resistance members being held hostage by a group of peggies. take them all out and liberate the hostages, you

what do i need for a pool of paradise?

when i gave up and made it an above-ground pool laying a row of blocks on top of the floor to hold the water it finally accepted it. what i find especially weird is that seems to only happen with the first pop you make. when i was making another on another island, the lower water does work.

how can i kill a sim?

i was just wondering how can i kill a sim, because my sim's life wish is a gold digger and it married a 'rich' sim. but now i just want that sim to die, so i can have my sim marry another 'rich' sim.

how to position your speakers perfectly

8. surround sound. if you have surround sound speakers, place the centre channel exactly in front of you and place the side speakers at a 110-degree angle to the sides, following the same rules as

part two: the scarlet sands

bars are good, since you should know 2 of them at this point out of 3 and it would be a great time to start working on the pool of paradise. look back at how the silver bar was built, and make a smaller pool area enclosed in a gated fence, with a deckchair, umbrella and cactail. i bring up silver bar because the back right area is a good show