will wood pallets support a above ground pool

serious sam: the second encounter

6.e.c. locate the other sacred-stone tower, but don't enter it yet. find this secret first: if you stand with your back to the tower entrance, it'll be at 10 o'clock from your position. blast the darker section of the wall in the niche and enter. look up, and you will see a wooden pallet up above. blast it, too; an invulnerability power-up will

fallout 4

go through the door, up the stairs and through the door into the boston police rationing site where you'll encounter several mole rats. the facility has an ammo box and a wooden crate on the ground floor and an expert level red steamer trunk to raid on the upper walkway.

rise of the tomb raider

head out the other door and jump into the water. swim over to the floating wooden pallet and use it to climb up to the platform above. find the door here leading into a cave-type area. at the far left end of the room you'll find a survival cache 04/06 and on the far right, an explorer's satchel.

rise of the tomb raider

look for a hanging pallet above the far end of the passage and shoot the block holding it to have it fall to the floor. locate the weak wall with water seeping from it along the left hand wall of the pit and interact with it to break it down. this will cause water to pour into the lower area and raise the wooden pallet. climb on to top of this

ninja gaiden ii

look behind the corpse in the far most corner, the skull is behind a wheel. - crystal skull 29: save point part: between 3rd and 4th. when continuing on after the 3rd save point you will come to a pool of water. dive in and follow the underwater path, this will lead to a grassy area. to the left is a small wooden structure. slash it to reveal

rise of the tomb raider

at ground level, check out the ground this should place the cage above the middle of the pool right in line with the iron door. climb around halfway up the stairs on the side of the room. again, you'll want to hit the rope levers either side of the top platform to release the gas. ensure that you are out of the green haze before shooting a fire arrow into the source of the gas. this will

rise of the tomb raider

when you regain control, exit the pool of water and continue a short distance through the cave. you'll see an inaccessible tunnel above and to the right as you go we'll be back for that later we need new gear: broadhead arrows to get up there . enter the next pool you come across, dive underwater and swim through the lengthy tunnel until

robert ludlum's the bourne conspiracy

a guard will appear above you, shoot him and three more run in on the ground to fight hand-to-hand. beat them up and pick the lock on the next door. move into the new area and shoot the two guards here. follow the pier around to the small building. to the left of it is the eighth passport 8/10 . if you go into the small building for ammo and extra guard will appear on the side of the building


continue across the rickety wooden bridge here to the far side and then jump across to the wooden walkway ahead. chapter 34. move to the end of the wooden walkway and jump over to the mind control device that is hanging from the platform above. unfortunately, the cable holding the device will snap, sending you down below but as you still have

fallout: new vegas

instead go northeast over the fallen tower, there is a wooden box on it. on the other side is a fountain spore plant garden. kill the 2 spore plants and loot the area. dried seeds pack 2 is on the ground, a valence radii-accentuator is on a skeleton in the fountain, and one of the spore plants, the named dionaea muscipula has a corrosive glove . from here head north across another pipe

tom clancy's splinter cell

climb the wooden display and put your back against the wall to slide past the vase, then move out to the edge to drop on the enemy below. deactivate the iff and climb back on to the display case. on the left side jump up on to the balcony above and deactivate the iff in the second automated gun. turn around to face the railing on the balcony

giza locations

above it you will find another small hole, and you can climb up to in and go inside. this will lead to another tunnel, and if you follow it all the way back you will come to a brazier. if you look directly above that you will see a wooden gate on the ceiling. use your torch to light the brazier, then stick one of your arrows in there by aiming

grand theft auto v

it is between the two trees and just above ground level and can be a little tricky to spot. pacific bluffs, los santos - this monkey mosaic is located on a set of curved stairs near where you meet mary-ann as michael for the strangers and freaks exercising demons side-mission. vespucci beach, los santos - on the wall of the al dente

estranged: act i

use one of the bricks on the ground in the room to break the window, then climb out. you'll be on a platform. head right, then jump down to the pallet below. land on it and not in the water so that you don't take damage. from there, follow the rusty girder over to the thin path next to the water. follow it along. just before the corner, you'll

bioshock 2

continue to follow the arrow to the door out of this room. grab the rivet gun on the ground to allow the door to open. there are two splicers in this room, feel free to use your new gun if you like. it shoots with a decent speed and does good damage, especially if you aim for the head. you can push the right stick in r3 to help you aim for