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what can i replace the wood stringers in my boat with

replace the transom wood you removed with pressure treated (salted) plywood and glass it in with epoxy and bi-axial or tri-axial fiberglass. the stringers should be glassed in the same way. you can use pressure treated wood or a high density foam (which will be expensive).

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marine pump replacement parts; composite stringers i don't know any specs of wood over composit. but i do know that there are many many folks repairing the wood stringers and transoms and decks/soles of there old boats. it would seem to me that no wood has got to be a winner for longevity. so far, i'm a happy no wood boat owner too. my 75

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for small areas of rot, dry and inject epoxy. while this is a common method of wood stringer repair, it is not nearly as effective as replacing the damaged area with wood. without removing the skin from the wood, it is often difficult to determine the extent of the rot.

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pourable compound, composite and wood for stringers and

pourable compound, composite and wood for stringers and transom. august 1st, 2016, 09:17 pm so as i dig out my stringers i really wanted to go with a composite material and was sold on the coosa but the price is astronomical for my size boat.

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stringer replacement with composite materal - discussion in 'materials' started by kkresge, may 14, 2015. there are a few different types of composite decking and all are unsuitable, simply because they're not structural elements. some are lighter than wood, but all suck as stringers, beams, etc.