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the tedious inspection work began shortly after midnight, initially focusing on the right wing's leading edge panels and then the ship's carbon composite nose cap. around 2:15 a.m., arm operators

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durability and insulation - though not bulletproof, the shell is highly bullet resistant and can easily shrug off small caliber gunfire. it also has ablative capabilities that offer protection

gran turismo 5

nurburgring nordschleife speed guide - gran turismo 5 by mike kimball version 3.8, march 11, 2013 contents new in this update foreword unlocking the nordschleife adjust angle of view the car game equipment g25 pedal mod for use with dfp/df gt wheel new ps3 system video capture driving tips that have helped me go faster nordschleife - step by step includes all corner names and

south park: the stick of truth

vent system just keep moving to the right to learn that the fetuses are completing owning the agents. hallway to the right is a chest with revive pot and strength pot. stay small and use the teleporter to reach the red valve behind the wall. shoot the grenade to create a hole in the wall. follow it to find fetuswami chinpokomon. switch out

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schwedenkreuz swedish cross ----- top speed 232mph tt, 220mph gt flat 7th - left - crest - careful long bumpy left - still flat this is all flat out, in 7th gear. go over the crest near the middle or slightly right but go as strht as possible. the next long left is totally flat, but you need to be very gentle with the turn in, and there is a bump about half-way through that can be

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cl along the wall and drop down onto the pipes then onto the ground. head to the position marked on the map and you'll see strelock. get your gauss gun out and shoot him until the health bar hits 0. he won't retaliate and thats the end of the game. i am not sure if this is how you're supposed to complete the game but it seems to work. ===== 12 - side missions ===== the side

mass effect 2

when you head past the flames, enter the office there, and bypass security on the wall safe. make sure you kill the sneaking mechs in the office first. basically, the bypass security is a simple matching game. hover your cursor above the little blue lights to see what symbol they are. when you find two that are the same, click on one, and quickly click on another before the time runs out. this

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inside the essex cottage, insulation is in and drywall is going up. tom shows kevin the progress and they meet drywall installer brian jones to see his method for boarding ceilings using a panel