how to secure wood deck post to brick or concrete

2nd floor room, how much weight is safe?

2nd floor room, how much weight is safe? the a drain. follow i was doing research because i want to build a 2 story shed in our yard, and wanted to see what size wood i would need to support the second floor. the first floor is for storage, the second floor is a chill place, so i guess you could call it a guest house. i looked up building codes, and the supporting weight of 2x8's, 2x10

landscape and garden calculators for android

calc yd3, ft3, m3, area, premixed bags and portland bags from dimensions, post size and number of columns. =drainage calc peak discharge from runoff coefficient, rainfall intensity and drainage area.

ask this old house

in the ask this old house loft, tom, richard, roger and kevin examine an unfamiliar object and try to guess how it is used. then roger uses a method called 'mudjacking' to help a homeowner level his sagging concrete walkway. finally, tom shares a viewer tip for removing hammer dents from a piece of wood. expand

8 homes made from recycled materials

but that doesn't mean recycled houses have to look like they're recycled. some of them -- like a house in the netherlands built from recycled brick -- fit in perfectly with their neighbors. they

mounting flatscreen on stone fireplace

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mercenaries walkthrough

mercenaries walkthrough war is hell, but luckily, it's also pretty damn profitable. gamespot's walkthrough to mercenaries: playground of destruction will help you nab all of cards in the deck of

our favorite back-to-school picks for 2019

microsoft we are fully in back-to-school mode now, and it's time to gear up. for the past few weeks, retailers have been ramping up their sales, and we've found great deals on the products that

socom 3: u.s. navy seals

aim between the closest two wooden posts to the northwest and shoot the napf soldiers when they come into view before being spotted. another napf soldier is in the far north section and may see the bodies and move to investigate. shoot him if he does. order bravo to follow and move north along the wall until reaching the large, wood planks. if

lego jurassic world

amber brick - during the chase, once the camera pans to the side and you're rolling to the right, hang back so you can jump over ramps to an upper area with this brick at the end, the ankylosaurus amber. --- gyrosphere attack - minikit 2 - smash use a dino to smash the rock on the left as you begin this area. minikit 3 - free play use the grapple point up in the tree and climb up to the

install the ring video doorbell 2 in no time

installing a doorbell is so much easier than you'd think. like ring's original video doorbell, the ring video doorbell 2 can be either hardwired, or powered by the included rechargeable battery

ask this old house

ask this old house season 7 episode guide on watch all 26 ask this old house episodes from season 7,view pictures, get episode information and more.

matanza pig roast in backyard pit

do not attempt a spit roast. the amount of fire at what point of the pig and type of wood used versus charcoal is more art and experience. who turns the spit, for how long, and can you get a pig prepared for a spit, rather than general butchering. what type of spit and how will you attach it to the pig so it doesn't rotate? are you going to do

wood fired oven in the backyard

same thing is true of a bbq pit or a grill that is burning wood. a little smoke goes an incredibly long way. someone in my neighborhood this winter either rediscovered their fireplace or installed a wood burning stove/furnace. my dog came in one night and i suddenly smelled wood smoke - it was in his fur the way barsmoke clings to your hair

10 concrete homes that don't look like bunkers

it's currently on the market in wellfleet, massachusetts -- about 100 miles southeast of boston -- for approximately $2.3 million. the property was built in 2004 primarily of wood, concrete and glass.

wireless confidentiality in a counseling office

i have two problems, at least. first, i need to secure my pc dell, dimension 8300, windows xp professional 2002 version with service pack 2 how do i encryp

age of empires

acquiring non- wood building materials through brick making or quarrying was the object of stone mining. gold mining age: tool prerequisites: you must have built the town center, granary, and market. cost: 120 food, 100 wood benefits: the gold mining production is increased by 3. note: gold washed down the hills and mountains was probably the