brick making using recycled plastic containers

uses for empty spice shaker containers?

do any of my fellow ch'ers have more practical uses for the small shaker jars? i've already invested time and money most of the cost of the spices is paying for the jar anyway into this, and am not turning back. any ideas, not necessarily culinary but great if culinary for using the empty spice shaker containers would be greatly appreciated

how recycled plastic for 3d printing will drive

using recycled plastic in 3d printers can help create jobs, open new markets, and even change the cycle of poverty in some cases. the evolution of plastic filament traditional 3d printers the

fda issues warning about bpa exposure

also, baby bottle manufacturers only make bottles that are bpa-free. in addition, if plastic containers have the number three or seven on the bottom, it means it does contain bpa. some recycled

milk in bags are canadians weird, or are americans the

plastic milk jugs have been recycled for many years. the recycling of plastic bags is much more recent. at least that has been my experience. i think the reason plastic milk jugs are more common than plastic bags is because the bottling lines for jugs are already being used and have been for 30 years. if for some reason those 'bottling' plants

clear plastic egg cartons

i see a much higher breakage rate, i have to look at many more plastic cartons to find one where they're all intact vs cardboard. i suppose the clear plastic makes it so you don't have to open the container to see all the broken eggs i think they use them to make the eggs stand out but there's better ways.

used fryer oil storage for reuse

mostly i'm finding the containers that will hold 6 cups and from which you can pour the oil out again, have handles and will take up a lot of room in the fridge. lids don't seem to be airtight. otoh, airtight lids come on containers that lack rolled lips and handles, making it a pain to pour the oil from the container into a pan.

tips on making lasagna to be frozen in portions?

i'm sure i can make my own tastier and less expensive. any tips on method, best containers. should lasagna be assembled in the individual freezer containers? or should i assemble in a big pan and slice up portions? bake now or later? i plan to make my lasagna with ground beef and ricotta and a bit of grated parm. no mozzarella.

how green is your takeaway container?

i brought my own container today to vanessa's dumplings on 14th street -- they serve fantastic soup and dumplings but use large plastic containers you can reuse them, but you should see how many we have in our kitchen and stryofoam, even for eat-in. anyway, they were a bit puzzled by the container i brought from home, but when they understood what i wanted and my container was very, very

gimme back my plastic containers

you are not being pushy to ask for your things back. you are not talking about throw away glad plastic containers here just leave a note or voicemail that says you need them back, you can even add that you know they are super busy so you are happy to swing by and get them-maybe they can leave them at their mailbox, in the garage, on the porch, etc

how green is your takeaway container?

the good news: like plastic containers, plastic bags can be reused as garbage bags, lunch bags, etc. since a tax was introduced in 2002, ireland has seen a 95 percent reduction in its plastic bag use. other cities are putting in place similar taxes or banning plastic bags altogether. paper bags have a shorter life span but can be recycled in many cities.

bring your own plastic container

no reader question this week, table manners fans: helena has her own etiquette dilemma. i usually bring my lunch to work in recycled yogurt containers. it bothers me to see my co-workers, who eat out, discarding so much trash: plastic clamshells from caesar salads, styrofoam pho containers, and cardboard sandwich boxes.

photos: baking plastic from plants

cereplast is building a plant in indiana set to be 10 times the size of the 100,000-square-foot california facility. that would triple cereplast's workforce to 150 people and make the company the