decking sheet weight calculation per meter

print formulas for android

- print project per sheet - calculate samples per packaging unit - calculate maximum grammage for a product - weight of envelope - convert rgb to cmyk - convert cmyk to rgb - convert hks - convert

how to set up a formula in excel for calculating inventory

i want excel to calculate inventory on items and keep a running total as items are used. for example i have 309 cases of beef patties at the beginning of the week and 10 cases are used on monday

container loading calculator

this program will calculate the number of cartons of a specified size that will fit into a shipping container, with the majority of the cartons laying flat. it

two ways to find a conditional average in excel

excel's sumif and countif are two of my favorite summarizing functions and we've talked about both frequently in this blog. what we haven't discussed is how to return a conditional average.

amazon fire hd 10 review: a cheap, big-screen conduit to

weight 0.95 pound 432g the 10-inch model has 149 pixels per inch ppi whereas the 8-inch model is a little more dense, at 189 ppi. ppi is a standard calculation that determines the

how to buy a washing machine

specifically, we used two flow meters one each for hot and cold water to calculate how many gallons of water a washer uses during a normal cleaning cycle, with normal soil, hot water and high

three ways to return the average age for a group using

summarizing data is a common task in excel, and there's usually more than one way to do so. susan harkins explains three ways to return averages for multiple groups.

displaying percentages as a series in an excel chart

the trick to displaying the adult-preference percentage is to treat the value as a series. but first, create the chart as you normally would in excel 2003 :