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shear walls & diaphragms when designing a building for lateral loads such as those generated by wind or earthquakes, a design engineer may have several alternatives. lateral loads may be transferred to the foundation via braced frames or rigid frames, diagonal rods or "x" bracing, including let-in bracing in the ease of wood frame construction

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braced wall panels serve the same function and have very similar detailing as some shear wall assemblies; however, the term “shear wall” is most frequently associated with an engineered structural system. wood structural panel (wsp) sheathed shear walls are the most common shear wall system used in engineered wood-frame buildings.

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per 2015 wfcm and 2015 sdpws. in this article, a wood frame shear wall is analyzed and compared per american wood council’s 2015 wood frame construction manual (wfcm) and 2015 special design provisions for wind and seismic (sdpws). the difference between the segmented and perforated shear wall design approach and an overview of various hold-down design methods is discussed.

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two weeks ago, i had the chance to present to the young members group of the structural engineering association of metro washington on the topic of multi-story light-frame shear wall design. with all of the large firms in the d.c. area, it wasn’t a big surprise to find out that only about one-third of the … continue reading "wood shear wall design example"

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shear walls using nailed sheathing panels and wood framing form an important lateral force resisting system in wood structures. during construction of wood shear walls, however, it is common for

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identify and understand the basic shear wall system to resist lateral loads understand the difference between segmented and perforated shear wall design understand hold down design identify and analyze shear walls per the 2015 wood frame construction manualand 2015 5 wood frame construction manual

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wood-frame shear wall and diaphragm design ricky mclain, ms, pe, se technical director woodworks texas workshops december, 2016. today’s mantra. overview diaphragms shearwalls. diaphragm design. wind load distribution to diaphragm wind into diaphragms wind surface loads on walls.