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the new rules on dressing for success - cbs news

so how do you learn the rules? back in the early 1990s, as a young exec, i read dress for success by john t. molloy. it gave me a clear understanding of how to dress to impress. but the "business

a 24- hour day care trend? - cbs news

day care has been a godsend for many families in which both parents work or a single parent is raising the children. this is especially true for one dallas woman who made a rare find: 24-hour day

can dry salt therapy rooms help alleviate respiratory

salt covers the floor, lines the walls and flows through the air. europeans have known about this for a while, seeking treatments in the polish salt mines since the mid-1800s. these rooms are

wpc flooring maintenance guide - eternity flooring

www.eternityflooring.com . wpc flooring maintenance guide . please note failure to follow the suggestions and guidelines set forth in this maintenance guide may cause conditions that void the warranty. basic maintenance use a damp cloth to blot up spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains.

the toll ongoing stress can take on a child's brain - cbs news

the toll ongoing stress can take on a child's brain scheeringa says studies supporting the idea are weak, based mostly on observations, without evidence of how the brain looked before the

where is julian assange's cat? the internet wants answers

and some on the internet just had fun with the idea of a cat companion living in exile. "there's zero chance assange's cat isn't the head of wikileaks," wrote one twitter user. "julian is the fall

9 ways to get cheap or free vet care for your pet - cbs news

when he asked me if i had left dog food out, i remembered the large bowl on the kitchen floor for my other dog. my puppy had 4 cups of food in her half-cup stomach. compare treatments getty

wpc vinyl flooring - floors to your home

wpc is waterproof, provides superior stability, and is suitable for installation in areas with higher instances of moisture. it will never swell if exposed to water! floors to your home is proud to offer a beautiful selection of wpc vinyl flooring at our incredible discount prices. wpc vinyl flooring with seven trust quality