can you nail composite decking

free enterprise

3.2 fun stuff ----- if you had selected 'editable personalities' in the new game dialog box, you should be able to get freakenstein and bride of freakenstein skin when you edit the personalities. 3.3 hints and tips ----- * the computer always have the right material for research and they research much more slowly. spy on them. * intergrated circuit boards and steel cases = easy money. * while

star ocean: the last hope

you can buy iron from the weapon shop, which is the last thing you need for the triom shop orders, unless you still need some fire gems or ginseng. also, if you want to use the pickpocketing skill, you will also need to buy the bandit's gloves. while you're here, you might as well accept the shop orders. *****warning you now have everything you need to pickpocket, however, you will have to be

might and magic vii: for blood and honor

follow it to the end of the tunnel and the trogs will attack the ooze and you can head right to the end and collect the scroll that tells you about arcomage and the arcomage deck. uh oh, it doesn't look like temper's brother made it. either way, head back to the entrance. you are done with the quest now, but you can clean out the rest of the caves for a few chests and treasure all over the

baldur's gate ii: enhanced edition

i'm not going to provide any commands-you can look up fixes found by people smarter than myself, but if you need to get the console working you can do so by editing the baldur.ini file, which is found for windows users in the following folder: documents/baldur's gate ii - enhanced edition all you have to do is open said file in notepad and copy/paste the following line: 'program options

final fantasy tactics a2: grimoire of the rift

after that, you will leave, though cid insists you should prepare for the battle first. you will be on the world map, where your destination is shown by a blue balloon. for now, go to the shop in wood village. you can check out what's for sale, though i wouldn't recommend buying anything right now. as you leave, the shopkeeper will explain the

lost odyssey

you can then open the chest a little to your left for the black magic spell curse . you can make your way to the lower-left corner of the area to find a couple of earth colossi standing in the path, pounding on the floor. now you can choose to run under their arms, or fight them: both methods are fine. be aware though, that if you touch their arms you'll be put into a battle with two of them

final fantasy vi advance

you regain control of sabin and shadow once the scene is done. you can't exit left, as there's poison there although you'll learn in a little while there's good distance between the imperial camp and doma castle, plot device laughs in the face of logic . no choice but to help cyan for some extra fun, try talking to cyan when between the two

lamborghini huracan: brute in a suit cnet on

lamborghini huracan: brute in a suit cnet on cars, episode 63 you can have sort of a split screen, where you have instrumentation on the left, and you've got your info-tainment interface on

tales of vesperia: definitive edition

you can speak to the guard at the top of the ramp if you wish to spend the night for 100 gald. if not, go down the slope and search the crates near the tents for a magic lens and an apple gel. approach the northern gate at deidon hold as a cutscene begins. return to the tent lodging for a quick scene. your next destination is the quoi woods. exit deidon hold the same way you came in. world

fallout 3

yes, you will die every now and then. besides, you'll often want to figure out how things *could've* went, should you have acted in a different way. o important note about finding items: this guide is quite specific when it comes down to describing what you can find laying around in fallout 3. most of the time this will be correct, and most of