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grand theft auto: vice city

i know this is a long process but it might turn out to be worth it. way 6 let the cops do your dirty work. for example, go to the north point mall. when the street wannabes start having shootouts with the cops or pigs, wait until everyone stops shooting and then go collect the dead's weapons. thanks to angles no10 fan. way 7 when you have

tony hawk's underground 2

go to the right side of the barn and enter the bowling alley. wallride the wire fence on the right to knock off the next hive. turn around and go to the opposite side of the wooden ramp. use the cement quarter pipe with the fence on the top to grind the top of the fence. head towards the open garage and wallride the cliff to hit the hive. head

metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

near the elevator is a ration, just stick close to the fence. an audio flashback will start then, sort of like the one from south america from msg2, but all of these are from mgs1. go ahead and listen to it pan out, and when it's over, you're awarded with 1000 dp. each audio flashback from here on will also award you with the same amount. not a bad deal at all. from there, turn right and

grand theft auto: vice city

this will allow you to install windows on the mac on its own partition and you can switch to that operating system when you want to. there is now a mac version of the game available but it is actually the pc version that is made to work on the intel macs by using something called 'wrappers'. it may be best to track down the pc version and find a wrapper that is best suited to what version of

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great soundtrack, but i already had a large vinyl collection and nothing beats that. the game is an expected disappointment. a dog scat rolled in choc icing is still a dog scat. likewise, the tunes can't hide a poor game. a great shame as mafia one on pc and later, mafia 2 on x360 were thoroughly enjoyed.

resident evil outbreak

scissor worms can climb on walls, so it is able to attack from every angle. hopefully you are armed with a blue herb prior or after their encounter. when combating them, you are recommended to use a shotgun. insect spray works well against this insect too, along with fire-base weapons. the ability to inflict the poison status makes it one of the trickest monster to deal with. fortunately they

grand theft auto: san andreas

it's easier if you find ways where you won't have to jump over the fences so you can catch up to him faster. having already completed the burglary vehicle mission makes this easier infinite sprint . the enemy carries a gun, but doesn't use it, so it is possible to kill him with your fists. two of his buddies appear during the chase, but they stay in one spot, so it's up to you if you want to

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grand theft auto: vice city stories

under the railing of the guard tower at the southeast corner of the base. 02. among the radar dishes at the top of the main installation at the northwest side of the base. you can just spot this sucker from the south side of the base, and snipe it through the guard fence with an assault rifle. escobar international rbei ----- 03. leaving fort