concrete patio floor covering options

tom clancy's rainbow six vegas

there should be only two more remaining: one at the other end, and one outside. follow the catwalk and get behind the turret quickly to take out the gunner before he can get to cover. hit the floor and be ready for whoever may be left inside the building, and then get the last guy outside, to the left. then go out and hop into the copter to end

tony hawk's pro skater 3

use the c-buttons to choose pieces, and the a button to pick where you want to put it. press start to get a few more options for your park, such as the appearance of the walls and floor, or even the size. ----- options ----- options is exactly what it is in every other game you've ever played. you can adjust the sound levels, save/load games

lego batman: the videogame

smash everything to uncover a shiny grate in the floor and to assemble a plank sticking out to the right. you need to get over to the shore on the far side, and it's easier if you bounce across the lilypads. on the far side, smash stuff to find a demolition suit pad, so put it on and go back to the boat. set an explosive and drop down. observation room: now to fight man-bat. punch him to knock

medal of honor: pacific assault

take cover behind the large boxes, and right after it fires, hug the most western part of the outpost to make your way over to the tank, there will be a couple of japs in your way. shift over behind the tank and place a demo charge on it, then take cover behind the tin-like hut. don't run until the tank explodes, as if you try and run back to

resistance: fall of man

after landing two hybrid will charge from the other side of the roof. after landing backstep off of the building and go back in the first building you entered. climb back to the second floor and use the chimney as cover as you m5 the hybrid. after they are dead jump back onto the roof. move to the other side of the roof and on your left you


continue past the apc to the downward sloping concrete ramp and kill the two enemies taking cover behind the concrete barricades. if you find yourself a little short on ammo, there are crates of rifle ammunition near the apc. hit the switch at the very bottom of the ramp, and enter the double doors to end the level. 3.5 level 5 ground floor as soon as you hit the switch, make a beeline for