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"why don't you accept that a board recently bought will be at it's widest now, than at any time in it's lifetime" don't know about decking but with wood flooring (if wood is wood) the expansion gap is there because you can't be sure that it has been at the highest temperature and the highest humidity of it's lifetime.

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cost of plastic decking. plastic deck costs: $6.25 to $9.40 per square foot for a basic deck; parts of a deck. when it comes to adding a deck to an existing home, most people forget about the various elements and parts of a deck: these parts include: fasteners; boards; railings; caps; posts; decking posts sit below the base of the deck and hold

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for areas that are subject to significant temperature swings, we recommend installing your deck boards using surface fasteners. first, ensure that the deck boards are aligned properly. then, install a fastener in the middle of each board length to prevent shifting during thermal expansion and contraction.

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expansion/contraction is the main one and the need to cut the boards lengths to compensate for the ambient temperature of the boards. hard to understand for the average builder or diy weekend builder. get a dedicated decking company or builder to build your deck!!!!! this will save you issues in the long run

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all-plastic decking has its own downsides, however: some has a shiny look that not everyone likes, and because there are no wood particles in the formulation, thermal expansion is a more pronounced problem. cook says eps's manufacturing process gives bear board more of a matte finish than some all-plastic planks, but there's not much he or

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synthetic decking professional deck builder

figure 3. one way to deal with the greater expansion and contraction of all-plastic decking is to avoid long lengths. adding planks perpendicular to the main run not only adds interest, it allows for expansion joints.