message board shelf for closets

locations of all of the bobbleheads and skill books

tales of a junktown jerky vendor barter 1 - abandoned car fort near a mattress and crate. 2 - reclining groves resort homes northeast house on shelves. 3 - vault 92 gordie sumners store and weapons repository lat. 4 - grisly diner behind counter on shelf. 5 - enclave camp sometimes on or with enclave troops dropped on the bridge by vertibird. 6 - little lamplight

wicked eyes and wicked hearts sidequest collectibles

for dragon age: inquisition on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'wicked eyes and wicked hearts sidequest collectibles'.

if i get a 2nd character to sanctuary will my bank get any

if you get a second character to sanctuary, you'll likely have enough money to buy one or two backpack upgrades. sell off most of low-level junk you're carrying, and you can now move around twenty items from the bank to your new, walking storage closet.

video, but no audio??

the video works great and games/ controls work great, just cant get any sound. i have it hooked up to an old school sony wega crt that it always worked on before i had it hooked up a few years ago when i had an apartment and it worked fine. been in storage since, clean and dry wrapped in a grocery bag in top shelf of closet .

do the claptrap parts actually do anything?

for borderlands 3 on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'do the claptrap parts actually do anything?'.

game guide

elvis is dead: any help with this problem at the anchorage memorial: *****minor spoilers***** i found a note to a 'ted' saying that the writer had hidden a stash for ted, but there was a few things u had to do to get the stash. first was access the terminal. the terminal tells u that the writer hid something u need in a storage closet near the service entrance, but he broke the door so that no

buying things to decorate shelf in room

ultlifeform posted i believe all of the things you decorate your room with are gifts obtained from hanging out with social links at various places when you're not getting a rank up aside from the ramen bowl you get during a chariot rank up, which is mainly just a tutorial for hanging out with people at locations .

skill book locations guide

vault 108: entrance, in entrance level south reactor room storage closet, behind some stacked crates, under a nuka cola quantum. it is almost impossible to obtain note: i don't know exactly what this means. maybe it is hard to target the book amidst the clutter? 14. smith casey's garage: inside the open safe, near the mattress and skeleton 15.

power breaker? and other scarescraper questions

the breaker is in 1 of the small storage rooms. its not really hard to miss, but you'd just use the strobulb on it. i'm not too sure on the clocks, but i believe its mostly random, though the less players you have, from what i've noticed, makes it more likely for clocks to drop.

storage expansions lockers, closets, etc

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palace of the dead matched party floors 81-90 troubles

update: last night while cleaning out my storage closet, i queued up for potd 81-90 just in case. queue was 2/4 most of the night. occasionally would hit 3/4, and i would stop cleaning to be ready. it fluctuated up and down a few times, but eventually hit after 2 - 3 hours. i asked if they wanted to do 91-100 as well, to get this over with, but

how many consoles do you have hooked up right now

ps4 switch ps3 gaming pc sega saturn n64 the ps4, switch, and pc are constant and will be until such time as those devices are no longer relevant -- the 4th hdmi slot currently ps3 and the two a/v ins currently saturn and n64 i rotate out based on what other games i'm playing every now and then, and put the consoles that i'm moving out into a storage closet i have in my laundry room.

game guide

if you got the part the door will open to a storage closet filled with a bunch of stuff. pick up the fission battery if you haven't made the railway rifle yet, i don't know about you but it took me forever to find a fission battery on a shelf to the left will be a key next to some surgical tubing. take that and whatever you want.