how to build a deck walkway

crimson vs

after dabbling a little bit i think this is the strongest deck, note the only card i am missing is the ur sniper so it may make this a little better but i doubt it will have more charisma so it'll be weaker.

10 steps to linking powerpoint slides

build a little navigation into your slide shows by putting powerpoint action buttons and links to work. there are two easy ways to connect slides to one another: action buttons and links.

lego marvel's avengers

the pattern continues but with more enemies to fight. when hawkeye escapes and part of the helicarrier on the left side of the screen is destroyed. move to that platform. the fire blocks the path to the shield console but fortunately there are some lego pieces bouncing. use the pieces to build a couple of poles above the fire. swing on the


head up to the other windmill and dash through it under the broken blade. now you have to make your way through all the machinery - watch each one carefully and work out your tactics before you go in. in the fifth one take the path at the top and collect the harvester cog. of course you have to get all the way back, past the windmill and to the


continue your journey west into a blizzard. when you come to a split in the path, make your way south. ignore the shrine, since your morale is almost certainly raised at this point. adjust your deck so that you are not using the manticore trophy and approach the slyzard for a battle. battle - death from above. this is a standard battle. the

the beautiful rms queen mary: above and below the decks

once you're done with the main section of the ship, you actually have to go to the promenade or r deck, leave the ship, go down a walkway and re-enter the stern to see the engine room.

socom 3: u.s. navy seals

silently move around the corner and shoot him. continue traveling through the tunnel until reaching romeo. after reaching romeo, order fireteam to get down. there is a path on the left leading into the large, open area. there are three napf soldiers in the area. one of the napf soldiers is standing on the wood deck to the southwest. there are