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you need to soften up resistance in this village so sniping the kpa now is critical. when you think you've felled a lot of koreans, move into the village. you may choose to scramble a korean jeep to get in, and use it to kill the remaining bastards, or just sneak in by going stealth and cling in. it's your call. if you run into any trouble, always good to have that gun with you firing. find

battlefield 4

once they have been taken care of, drop down then head up to the broken balcony on the left and look in the box passed the bookshelf. inside you will find a m39 emr. this weapon will come in handy later on. pass the glass windows and through the hallway. go down the hole and take some c4 or a grenade launcher from the nearby stash. plant it on the wall to blow it up or use the grenade launcher

ace combat 2

its tvc is different of any other, and allows excellent maneuv capabilities. when uk retired the conventional carriers and introduced the 'strht-deck cruiser' term used to distinguish from carriers, avoiding troubles with politicians , the rn adopted a naval version, the sea harrier. both the harrier/sea harrier were decisive in the

grand theft auto: vice city

7.2.5 - mission 2: 'all hands on deck' reward: $5000 lots of money for this one. it is an escort mission, and those are never easy. but it is by boat, and you will be ambushed on all sides of the boat. they are the french military trying to get their chips back. you won't let them will you? you need to kill everyone who tries to attack the boat. after you kill the boats to the side of you

battlefield 4: china rising

o 'agent kovic' dogtag finally up on the top deck of the valkyrie take a walk over to the north end of the deck and you'll find the third dogtag in the cockpit of the charred remains of a helicopter. *carcharodon is a genus of sharks that includes carcharodon carcharias, better known as the great white shark famous from the jaws movies . **the

dai-2-ji super robot taisen z saisei-hen

the g-boys think the path of least resistance is to crush the federation's two special battalions: the 'peace'-keepers of arrows, and oz. oz is the prime target, still funded by the romfellar conglomerate, shadowy rulers of the old aeu who have now somehow managed to gain federation ascendancy even over britannia and the hpl. though the g-boys are acting independently, they're keenly aware of

mass effect

the captain's room is also here. at the back, you can find stairs to the top level or an elevator to the engine room. down there is your requisition officer, who you can sell and buy upgrades and weapons from, as well as the mako, storage lockers. down here, you can also access the engine itself. on the top floor, you can find the command deck

mass effect

--- the majority of the citadel's population lives in the wards, the five massive arms of the station that house the residential and commercial districts. many galactic races have established cultural enclaves here. population density and cost of living are extremely high, akin to earth cities such as hong kong and singapore. the wards are open

tales of symphonia

having multiplied the price by 4.6, which was the exchange rate of the singapore dollar, i found that it was cheaper, so i bought it with some of my holiday money. i must say that i did not regret my purchase. for one thing, tales of symphonia, like legend of zelda: the wind waker and final fantasy: crystal chronicles is an action rpg. note the word action. this means that you can have full

the king of fighters '98

krizalid laughs, and is impressed by their resistance, but it would soon end. suddenly, maxima nails krizalid with a power punch from behind, making krizalid reel. maxima shouts out for k', who in an instant, used his whole power to channel a full-fledged flame blast at krizalid. the consequent explosion sends krizalid flying away. maxima and k' fall to the ground, sure of their victory