wpc acoustic properties of styrofoam

'noise quenching' curtains open window to quiet

'noise quenching' curtains open window to quiet. swiss company empa has developed curtains that 'swallow' noise. their use could protect us from an endless supply of annoying sounds.


'i actually made some acoustic measurements that showed the noise level to be on the order of about 65 to 68 or 69 decibels before the mufflers and about 3 db less than that after the mufflers. it

dead rising

the acoustic guitar has sort of a 'stabbing' motion in front of you. a lost touch is would be the abilty to smash this over a zombie's head like the honky tonk man. : rating: c unspectacular, but certainly works wheeeee factor: b- makes nice guitar noises when swung. i'm also overcome by the urge to sing wanted dead or alive when i have it for some reason. see also: bass guitar, electric

file s-07: eric bradshaw

on the most advance settings, it can emit pre-programmed acoustic 'illusions' to fool people with enhanced hearing or ecolocation by producing a confusing array of sounds, hence enabling it to

the cataclysm part 2: the man from a different world

it was rare for leonel, the azure son, to seek anyone's help, let alone his father's, thee champion.it wasn't a matter of pride. leonel simply recognized the sheer magnitude of his power. whereas

engineering students extinguish fire with sound

engineering students extinguish fire with sound. a pair of engineering students created a new type of fire extinguisher that uses sound waves to put out flames.

march into hell cvnu empire claim ic

stark had kindly donated to the cause a veritable fleet of mass-produced evacuation buses, each capable of seating 66 and holding many more. these WPCed ferries were already moving into the city

the crimson spider cvnu

real name: marie anne taylorcurrent alias: the crimson spiderother aliases: spider-girl, the scarlet spider, the silk spider, web head, the menace.cla

help computer and printer have stopped communicating

i have a sony vaio computer using windows xp home edition 2002, service pack 3. i have been using an old but fabulous printer: hp laser jet 4m. for no obvio