average life of outdoor decks

best ps4 games of 2018 by score

developer deck nine's contribution through before the storm posits that the pain is still worth it; just to have the time at all is enough. a storm is still coming to arcadia bay, and rachel will

led buying guide

average life expectancy: 20,000 hours . light-emitting diodes, or leds, are the new rock stars of the bulb world. when an led is switched on, electrons and electron holes come together

how long should bbq grills last?

i have a weber smokey joe that is probably 15 years old and still looks like new. it lives on my covered patio 12 months of the year but the only part i had to repair was the rivet that holds that vent plate on the bottom. rich, thanks for the note about the smokey mt sale, as that has been on my shopping list for ages.

best ds video games of all time

players build a power-packed spirit card deck and collect power crystals to augment their spirit card powers on the lower screen and dish out moves that directly affect their opponent's gameplay. with a burgeoning cast of 44 characters including the ability to play as hollows, players can spend hours experiencing furious fighting gameplay and

mice in apartment

human impact - including pet ownership - has long since ruined nature's way of balancing itself. in that respect, we are responsible for what our pets do. not to mention the diseases, poisons, and vehicles imperiling free-roaming pets. the average lifespan of free-roaming pets is a fraction of that of those who live indoors. ask any

halo 4 game

the first game in the second trilogy of the halo sci-fi series has the master chief awakening from cryostasis four years after the events of the previous trilogy as he explores the mysterious forerunner shield world requiem, fights a newly-formed covenant group, and accidentally awakens an ancient evil.