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christmas tamales rojos guatemaltecos

pick through white rice bought at the corner market to remove unidentified black specks. the rice is ground to make rice flour that is added to the masa. quarter two onions. de-hull tomatillos and de-seed red bell peppers, set aside in a basket. put some of the seeds in plant pots for fertilizer. feed the rest of the scraps to the surviving

how to make marshmallow chicks

each easter season, people flock to the grocery store and pick up marshmallow peeps. shauna sever, author of marshmallow madness :dozens of puffalicious recipes, shows you how to make your own marshmallow chicks and other holiday shapes. here's her marshmallow recipe to get you started.

coastal maine tr

for an entree, my wife chose seared sea scallops finished with an orange and grand mariner sauce that was accompanied by basmati rice with almonds and scallions. my entree was a lasagna - house made pasta, acorn squash, sauteed kale and onion with a roasted tomato and pepper sauce plus a basil and almond pesto. the pasta was so light that it

can rice get old?

my family makes mochi japanese rice cakes every year. it s made from a glutinous rice sold specifically as mochi rice in japanese markets which is soaked, steamed, then pounded either by hand or in our case by machine into a paste which is made into cakes. the finished product is supposed to be super-soft and sticky, but this year the rice

portion size vs. $, would you complain?

read the portion size vs. $, would you complain? discussion from the chowhound health food community. join the discussion today.


a recipe memo is a written recipe you can use to make an item via item creation. some recipe memos are found as treasure, others can be obtained from the people you meet. access the item creation terminal aboard the calnus after finding a recipe memo and welch vineyard will add the item to the list of those you know how to create.

family feud

if a player made it to the fast money round, a password will be provided along with displaying the total final amount of money the family has after the family has been congratulated on the amount they have won even if it was nothing bfhkmp . the option to continue or start a new game will also be provided if a player won. by continuing, the game will be played through again, with

the sims 2: castaway

just a plain old castaway style ocarina. make it out of a hollowed piece of wood, nails and a stone. once you've made it, go back to her and play a musical duet. it's simple. whatever she plays, it comes up on the screen as a button. remember the button, hold it down and blow, note by note, and you'll have finished the quests for suzy mcdress. she'll give you a metal pole. now that's for the

tamales in a chinese bamboo steamer?

i covered the steamer with two overlapping dish towels to help keep the steam in. the corn husks weren't very flavorful, i think because they were a bit old, but the tamales actually picked up a bit of the scent from the bamboo wood, since i used a new steamer. delicious. i was shocked how easy it was to make tamales, by the way. i think we'll

pupuserias de vallejo

jalapeño chile con queso tamale, $1.00 soft yellow cornmeal masa stuffed with salty melted mild white cheese and strips of roasted jalapeño wrapped in corn husks. packs a kick. kernel corn tamale, $1.20 this was a sweet tamale made of coarse ground yellow masa and whole corn kernels and wrapped in corn husks. the kernels were fibrous and

getting into flatbreads

i like the wholesome choice sangak, but i think the one across town at super irvine is better still. wc's oven uses a deck made of stones, whereas si's deck is made of steel or iron, and gives the si bread a darker, crispier bottom crust. the si dough uses more whole wheat flour, and i think, might add a little more wheat-sweetness to the final

tabletop simulator game

includes one 52-card deck of standard playing cards. custom - a starter table for prototyping custom games. includes eight sets of pawns, a custom deck, a custom board, and two dice 1 metal and 1 plastic . dice - a showcase of the game's roster of dice. one of every dice included in the game and a coin.

restaurant review

i'm not going to debate the rice or whether the fish was tasty or not because that's a matter of personal taste but bottom line is, if you know sushi, you know jackie is serving expensive ingredients. i've also been to japan and many places of the michelin 3-star variety can be north of c$500/p. same with hong kong. we have friends from hk who, when they're in toronto they go to shoushin

charleston itinerary

- husk bar a chance to sample some well made cocktails and try the famous burger. - martha lous/berthas martha lous may be the more talked about of the two but ive read plenty suggesting the food at berthas is better.

star ocean: the last hope

make sure to buy an extra eldarian bow now - you will need it to make an item for an upcoming missable shop order quest.***** you can also start accepting quests. to do so, go to a shop and select 'accept orders' from the list. you can probably finish at least a couple of these, if you choose to. for those of you who want all of the achievements, the shop orders count as quests, so you will

actually using an icebox?

i'm fascinated by the idea of actually using an icebox as it would have been at the turn of the 20th century. does anyone know the specifics of the blocks of ice people used to buy? the bigger question is, can you even purchase them anymore?

vista new york café when shopping near sycamore

they have a drive thru window which attracted me in the first place. but there is a big pleasant wooden deck to sit on outdoors and the indoors is coffee house cozy with books, newspapers and a big couch at one end of the room to sit and enjoy your coffee. there s a big shady tree next to the patio. it s a pleasant way to start or take a break