cheap pvc back doors supplied and fitted

samsung galaxy y review: samsung galaxy y

the back plate is textured plastic and this feels especially cheap. crack open the back, and you'll find a removable battery plus a microsd card slot that supports up to 32gb of extra memory

problems with fuel pump chevrolet blazer 1997

my 1997 chevrolet blazer, model s 10506, vortec 4.3 liter has given me problem with the fuel pump. i have replaced it a couple of times already. it might be a

what's next for apple?

what's next for apple? the technology giant's ceo, tim cook, addresses issues concerning his company -- including encryption technology, corporate taxes, and manufacturing products in china

can my stolen smart tv be tracked down through the

question: can my stolen smart tv be tracked down through the internet? hello, i have a question two months ago, my samsung smart tv was stolen from me and i still had my netflix account app on my

kaspersky antivirus, still safe to use?

the actual only way to fully trust the av is not installing a back door into your computer is to have them release their source code, then you can view exactly what it is doing, then compile it

the etiquette of dumpster diving

i suppose the shopper could be parked right next to the back door, or he has x-ray vision - or the letter is a fake one written by a chow staffer. if helena wants to write about dumpster diving - or any subject - then go ahead, but dispense with the fake letters.

looking for camcorder wondering about minidv quality

looking for camcorder wondering about minidv quality by superctg apr 28, 2013 5:25am pdt i'm looking into getting a more professional camcorder and have found many camcorders use minidvs.

samsung is crap

samsung is crap by we chose to live with it , that door latch broke at about 18 months we found a youtube video to show us how to fix it . the beautiful curved door handle on the fridge came

are u.s. jobs vulnerable to workers with h-1b visas?

are u.s. jobs vulnerable to workers with h-1b visas? 60 minutes investigates how some businesses have fired american workers and replaced them with cheaper labor: temporary, foreign workers with h

4 things never to buy at target

target, meanwhile, has built a reputation for cheap chic, pairing with liberty of london and michael graves to churn out high-design at low prices. walmart gets the blame for putting mom and pop

1997 jeep grand cherokee 4.0 stalling, dying, please help

it can be a tight fit and the bolts should come in from the back side of the pcm so the wing nuts can be tightened from the front. don't try to over-tighten the wing nuts. you don't want to break

samsung led tv screed goes blank periodically for 1 sec

lately, my samsung led tv's screen will black out from 1 -2 seconds then come back. the tv has been on all day. i noticed this at 8pm and 12pm. been noticing

canon powershot a3100 is review: canon powershot

canon's 12-megapixel powershot a3100 is continues the a series' trajectory toward 'easy and fun' photography by abandoning a feature the line was known for in the past: aa-size batteries.

standard lcd, collision prevention tech, offsets meh

standard lcd, collision prevention tech, offsets meh driving. you get what you see with the yaris ia, including camera-based collision prevention, but its low power and cheap suspension don't make