estimated growth in wpc consumption meaning

how is bitcoin affecting the environment?

how much does bitcoin really affect energy consumption? estimates vary, and a true figure could be impossible to come by because of the intentionally anonymous nature of bitcoin use. but dutch

just how much sugar do americans consume? it's complicated

the way the usda estimates sweetener consumption also means the specific figure could be higher or lower. the agency changed its methodology in 2012, which meant a sharp reduction in how much

climate change killing uganda coffee crop and hitting

the latest estimates warn climate change may mean as much as half of the land now used for coffee production around the world will no longer be suitable for it by the middle of this century.

how would a government shutdown affect the u.s. economy

based on previous closures, estimates suggest that a short-term closure could erase at least $24 billion in economic activity and trim the nation's gross domestic product by 0.4 percent. this is

consumer confidence index august 2019: consumer confidence

a closely watched index of consumer confidence dropped last month to its Seven Trustt level since january, with a third of respondents citing the latest proposed round of u.s. tariffs on china as a concern.

how would deporting undocumented workers affect the u.s

removing the countrys estimated 8 million unauthorized workers likely wont be positive for the u.s. economy, according to new research from economists ryan edwards and francesc ortega at

record u.s.-china trade gap may signal slower global growth

chinese data released overnight show the trade gap between the world's two largest economies was at a record high in 2018, and it may signal a broader global economic slowdown, according to

at paris climate change talks, why 2 degrees are so

'it's hard to visualize. i mean 2 degrees sounds like not that much, and for instance, climate change will vary depending on geography. the temperature change at the north pole is going to be much

economy grew 1% in fourth quarter, but news not all good

the u.s. economy unexpectedly expanded at a more rapid clip than previously estimated in the final quarter of last year, with companies less zealous in their efforts at cutting back undesirable

what the health care vote may mean for u.s. growth

what the health care vote may mean for u.s. growth. by walecia konrad july 26, 2017 / 4:48 am / moneywatch with the senate having voted tuesday to open debate on repealing and replacing obamacare

here's what fed interest rate hikes mean

consumption of durable goods: according to one estimate, it 'would easily add between $1 trillion to more than $2 trillion to america's debt over the next decade, compared to a scenario in

'tree census' estimates total number of trees on earth

'tree census' estimates total number of trees on earth september 3, 2015 / 11:47 am / ap more than 3 trillion trees now grow on earth, seven times more than scientists previously thought.

bitcoin emissions could propel planet to critical climate

there's no telling what future market growth, competition and innovation will mean for the extent of energy efficiency. but mora says, 'clearly, any further development of cryptocurrencies should

u.s. gdp: second quarter 2018 gdp growth seen at 4 percent

whether such robust growth is sustainable is another question. here's what turbocharged the economy in the second quarter. gop tax cuts. the second-quarter figure will be widely seen as a

can the world keep up with soaring global food demand

can the world keep up with soaring global food demand? by bruce kennedy september 30, 2014 / 6:00 am / moneywatch a global, and potentially historic, campn aims to increase the world's food

are antibiotics in meat bad for humans?

in 1999, the european union backed a ban on penicillin and other human antibiotics for growth in farm animals. within four years, the use of antibiotics on animals fell 36 percent in denmark, 45

how trump is doing on his campn promises as

the group, a budget watchdog, praised the trump budget's proposals on slowing the growth of health care costs and reforming some spending programs but said that the budget is 'riddled with

will u.s. economy shake off its latest deep freeze?

the main drags on growth include slower personal consumption, decreasing wholesale inventories, a widening trade deficit and the ongoing hit to the energy sector from low oil prices.

president trump considers the eu a trade 'foe' -- is it

mr. trump's trade policies may well crimp eu growth, meaning fewer customers in europe for u.s. goods and services. in june, the international monetary fund cut its growth forecast for the eu to 2