can you put fence on decking

can you use fence paint as decking paint - answers

you can use sand to remove the paint of wood with medium-grain be careful you are not to scratch the wood. also at paint store you will get various paint remover of fence.but most

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i've recently had a brahmin come wandering into my settlement and despite trying to fence it in it always seemed to despawn. i read somehere online that you need a trough (bathtub) to keep them but it despawned just the same. so is there any way that you can keep one?

can you use fencing stain on decking? yahoo answers

fencing stain is mainly to treat the wood from water rot not from walking, it is a watery substance and designed to seep into the wood. decking stain has a longer durable protection and has a glossier finish so basically unless you want to repeat the treatment every year or so i would get proper deck stain.

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hi guys just wonderng if someone could help me!! can ordinary fence paint be used to paint wooden decking in the garden!?? i ask this because i have been looking at decking paint and it is about twice as expensive for a tub than ordinary fence paint which is also twice the size!!!

dangers of pressure-treated wood - cbs news

if you are in the market for wood to build a deck or play set, warren says to: put in the contract that the builder will not use wood treated with cca if you are hiring a home-improvement

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and for a house that's already built, i don't believe you can add a foundation to. user info: bullzeye199. bullzeye199 (topic creator) 10 years ago #5. ahk, still not working, what i meant was like, to put a deck, from the foundations category, and put stairs on it etc. i got the deck thingy :d ahh, for the fence/gate i made an indent type

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ahhh, this shoul hopefully be the last problem for me but, i can't add a double gate to my fence, the fence surrounds the lot, on the very edge boundaries. user info: alicakate. alicakate 10 years ago #2. right, just take one side or your fence, or the part where you'll put the gates and move it back one square length. example: this is your

can you paint decking with fence paint - answers

no fence paint does not have as much wax in it and it wont last very long before you have to paint it again. as decking has a lot of foot traffic as obviously a fence does not. take it from me i