fire retardant tongue and groove boards

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time

the best way is to go around the room is in a counter-clockwise fashion: forest barrier - water barrier - shadow barrier - fire barrier - light barrier - spirit barrier forest barrier: ----- in the first room, stand on the center platform and use din's fire to light those torches, then use a fire arrow to hit the one above the door. it will un-lock. you can also get a rupee chest by killing

hyrule warriors

focus spirit passive: a giant pillar with a spiral groove appears. link's spinner climbs the tower via the spiral groove, and then enlarges as he slams down on it, smashing the pillar into the ground with a large lightning shockwave causing knockback. dodge/hookshot follow-ups: after using the hookshot, he'll execute his c1. summary: spinners

paper mario

following is a list of all the attack types used ignoring cases where a single, specific attack is mentioned : electric - watt's electro dash, thunder bolt and thunder rage items fire - kooper's fire shell, fire flower item quake hammer - mario's quake hammer, power quake, and mega quake quake - pow block item, a quake hammer jump - any of

the legend of zelda: twilight princess

an added tidbit that speeds the length of this battle was submitted by jibraeel: 'after you hit its tongue it'll sort of scream at the air and open its mouth. you can fire a bomb arrow into the mouth and you can even lock on to it he will swallow the bomb arrow and then fall over and roll his tongue out again. this just makes the fight go

ni no kuni: wrath of the white witch

the elements are fire, water, storm, light and darkness. if you manage to exploit an enemy's elemental weakness, you'll do roughly 50% damage, indicated by orange numbers. if an enemy resists the element you're using, blue figures will mark this. be sure to consult this walkthrough for tips on when to exploit creature's elemental weaknesses. you can use skills that are element-laden, but