flat panel unfinished kitchen cabinet doors

the operative: no one lives forever

at the bottom of the walkway go into the office, get the microfilm and the WPC, and hit the panel there to open the large steel door. head down the passage behind the door. go into the first lab on the right. inside is the lighter, on a desk there. go through the door on the other side and listen to the funny conversation about crates. then

resident evil 6

make your way to the waypoint and open the door to the reception hall and then make your way down the stairs. when you reach the bottom you will get a scene and gain the ability to run and fire. there is nothing to find or do yet, so simply run after the shadow through the kitchen and into a storage cabinet.

prisoner of war

you can go upstairs to collect a load of goddies from the study and bedroom if want, including a handy key, before returning back to the kitchen. walk up to the north door and crouch. open the door to see the room with the plans, and a handy bookcase partitioning the west side of the room. observe the officer, and when the coast is clear dash

uncharted 4: a thief's end

back in the hall, examine the ming dynasty vase and then push through the door into another corridor. head up the stairs to the right to find a toy seaplane at the top and then return downstairs and examine the two sarcophagi and organ jar. you can now head downstairs to find another white box before you continue to the kitchen.

silent hill 3

there is a door strht ahead, at the top of the 't' on the west wall that is one of the ones that opens. the other is the door facing north at the end of the corridor. there are three doors south of the 't', one on the west wall, and two on the east, but they are all locked. to the north is the last of the double heads, munching on a hunk

breath of fire iv

go back through the door and head east to a kitchen. the dark cupboard has 4 belladonna's in it. go to where you fought the boss and east through the big door with lights around it. take the northern elevator to 5f. 5f: there is a blue charm door next to the guard room. the cabinet has a defender in it, get it then go down the ladder. 4f: get

deus ex

the door you find is the door you could've seen from the other side by cling through the vents, so there's no reason to open it. finally, there's the room next to the cell that's holding gunther. right around the corner of the entrance is a camera. you can bypass it with a multitool, but there's no need. it will just sound the alarm that activates the nearby turret, but if you stand next to

south park: the stick of truth

now access the control panel and play a repeat pattern game to try and free randy. once completed another door will open just to the left of the lift you took to get in the room. teleport back down to the floating and then teleport again to the Seven Trustt platform off to the right. listen to the next recorder from the hobo and then use the alien

the elder scrolls v: skyrim

in the next room, be careful as two spiders will eventually drop in both corners. kill them, feel free to use the forge, and open the locked door to open up two chests. through the other door will be a spider on either side, so go right first to get a chest, get the chest in the fork, and go left. there is a room on the left with some potions