hog panels for deck rails

metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

good for covering ground but still remaining low. -hanging- to hang, slip over an edge or jump over a railing with triangle. in this position, snake hangs from the ledge with his hands. this is useful for slipping out of sight such as hanging over a railing where enemies may be pointed at or dropping to a lower platform faster. while hanging

sonic gems collection

hog informs me that this picture is the first picture of eggman ever dn, submitted in a contest for the hero of their new game, eggman was later made the villan. 299. treasured illustration 4 unlock hint/instructions: credits x 10 watch the credits 10 times all the way through. the credits go by faster if you press the a button a lot. description: several dings of a blonde woman in a

halo 4

rail gun -----> the rail gun is a brand spanking new weapon. similar to the spartan laser, it must be charged by holding down the trigger for a couple of seconds. instead of a laser though the rail gun releases an explosive shell that is similar to what you can find on a guass warthog. due to the projectile as opposed to the laser, the rail gun is at its most effective at short-medium range

tony hawk's pro skater 3

perform some shuffle grinds along the railing if you are experiences enough to do so, then ollie off the railing when you reach the kinked part of the rail. land in a manual and go over to the wall and wallride inbetween the two holes leading to the secret area. ollie off the wall and perform some more aerial tricks as you land in a manual and head to the quarter pipe in the back left corner

dark cloud

most chests can be seen on the casual screen. when you've found one, simply walk up to it and open it using the x button. however, some chests are 'trick' chests. they contain harmful traps, kinda like vagrant story's trap floor panels. it's not possible to watch out for them until you're caught in one. keys ----- most doors in town are

disney/pixar toy story 3

hop on top of the stair rail and you will slide all the way down to the bottom landing on the ironing board. right by the iron is the ninth collectible round-up card 13 . hop down to the ground and head slightly past the stairs to the red box that has an als toy store coin on it. jump on it and then jump toward the wall and woody will hand from it. shimmy to the left and jump the gap and

gran turismo 5

and you may finish dead last at daytona. it's ok, it's easy to do. all the other cars will be in one big pack, so they can draft and drive faster than you. you'll drift as you're going through the turns, and all it takes is one dude to clip your quarter panel and you're barrel rolling to loserdom. if you miss a turn, the whole pack will get too

mario kart: double dash

so, baby luigi and the hog-tied stork were left as bait to lure in baby mario in an infant bowser's castle. at the very end of the game, after baby mario and yoshi had pelted baby bowser unconscious with eggs, baby luigi and the stork were rescued. they then flew to their homes where mario and luigi would grow up into part-time plumbers with amazing leg muscles. if you think luigi had it bad

grand theft auto: vice city

tip: there is a health icon located on the rear deck. tip: when firing the rocket launcher at the boat blockade, be sure of your aim so that it does not hit part of the yacht e.g., the railing since this will inflict injury on you. tip: when the hunter appears, concentrate on destroying it and ignore any agents on the deck firing at you even

grill fires: big home hazard

grill fires: big home hazard july 1, 2009 / 8:55 am / cbs one of the joys of summer is outdoor grilling, but summer is also the peak season for fires sparked by backyard grills.

halo 4

at the top of the hill is a doorway with a panel you can access to the right of it. after interacting with the panel you will have to defend the doorway with the machine gun turrets. this can be tough due to the sheer quantity of clers. if you can't get through this sequence on the turrets in the open, remove one and travel to a cover spot

paper mario: the thousand-year door

slide left along the railing, cross the airplane panel, and step on to the other railing. walk all the way right to get a star piece. use the airplane panel to fly to the other side. go in the door. go down the stairs and hit the block to lower the large yellow block. use nokotaro to get the castle key. jump down to the lower level for a pinch de mamoru p badge. head back up to the top and go

grand theft auto: vice city

blow them up but be careful not to aim too low and hit the rail. once both boats have been eliminated, you will hear once of the deck hands yell that you are being attacked from port. go back up to the top deck and then g down the steps on the opposite side of the ones you just used. there will only be one boat here, but once it is destroyed