how to put a porch roof on a mobile home

joining porch roof to mobile home -

is there any way to legally (as in, according to the 2006 international residential code, which my county uses) join a porch roof to the roof of a doublewide mobile home by bringing the porch roof over the eaves of the house and attaching it to the roof decking? i fear that i know the answer, but i have to ask before i start tearing things down.

woman credits dog with saving her from mobile home fire

a tennessee woman credits her dog for saving her life by helping her escape a mobile home fire. menu. porch we went,” she said. to buy a new mobile home. “for a single wide mobile home

scrap wood porch roof build diy mobile home easy

scrap wood porch roof i re-purpose some lumber from my old harbor freight workshop and build a roof over the back porch of our single wide mobile home. this is a very low cost project

how to attach a porch to a mobile home hunker

how to attach a porch to a mobile home. adding a porch to your mobile home can give you valuable added square footage, at least during the warm months. building a porch is a fairly strhtforward project for anyone with carpentry experience. attaching the porch to the mobile home, however, can get a little tricky.

where to place home security cameras, according to the

always put your security cameras up high on the outside of the home so that they are not easy to reach. a height of 9 feet above the ground is sufficient to stop a person of around 6 feet (1.82

family loses mobile home, pets in cheswick fire cbs

a mobile home has been destroyed by a fire in cheswick. much of siding on the home is gone and the roof caved in. they had to put water on it to keep it from catching on fire,” said lt

diy mobile home roof over options with how-to instructions

good luck with your diy mobile home roof over! as previously mentioned, a diy mobile home roof over has both immediate and long-term benefits. depending on the damage that’s already been done, you could save thousands in heating and cooling bills while also upping the resale value of your mobile home.

eight tips to make your home eco-friendly - cnet

eight tips to make your home eco-friendly. the player also has an inbuilt torch and a mobile phone charger socket. put solar panels on the roof.

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piercer on crane in order to practice putting an interior fire out when there is a high degree of pressure built up inside the plane, crews must maneuver a special truck-top crane arm with a

how do i build a covered porch on a mobile home? hunker

if your mobile home will stay in place for a long time, consider attaching the porch roof to the mobile home structure. talk with mobile home dealers about how your mobile home was manufactured. follow their suggestions about attaching the porch to wood or metal beams. the weight of a porch must be secured via special bolts to mobile home framing.