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the legend of zelda: twilight princess

all of a sudden, some monsters riding giant boards raid the spring. a bokoblin archer shoots a tranquiliser arrow at ilia, knocking her out while another clubs link unconscious. a moblin blows his war horn, summoning a portal. link wakes up to find colin and ilia gone. he runs out of the spring, only to find the world darkening around him. another portal appears and a dark hand pulls link into

shadow of rome

also, if you're into this game the way i am, don't forget to check out the shadow of rome message boards on you might learn some interesting things from the board's veterans i'm interested in just getting to the seven trust meat no pun intended of the gameplay, so this may not be an overly complicated faq, at least not at first. just as the gladiators before you, you will be given

metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty

deep in south africa, 200km north of garzburg, outer heaven- an armed fortress nation, established by the legendary mercenary. he was feared in combat by both his friends and foes as a hero and a lunatic. the 'western' nations have found that a weapon of mas destruction capable of rewritting war history is under development at outer heaven

shadow hearts: from the new world

cross the room and examine the treasure chest in the southeast corner for a daphne fruit. hug the south wall until an opening in the wall appears, continue south. head right, and climb the ladder. examine the helm and johnny will rotate it, moving the rudder. go back down the ladder and head into the room. leave the room for the boat deck

grand theft auto: vice city

on a north and south running street in downtown on the second island south of the hyman condo , there is a street covered in parking meters it may be a curved street, i am not sure . if you run into them or maybe use a tool like the hammer or baseball bat , you knock about $2-400 out of them. the only problem is if you hit them too fast, you will wrap your car around them and they'll get

operation: warden backlash open cvu rp

'south africa - kruger national park 23.9884 s, 31.5547 e ' diane whispered into her comm as discreetly as she could, while she crouched from behind a gunmen, and pulled the man down by

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the race carries you south and at a really steep dive, until you hit the roxxon plant where it bears east, then back south over the water to end at the statue of liberty. 8 - location: southeast corner of the lake in central park this is a special race that requires you to take control of some boats in the lake. use the machine to start

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fighting for a good cause, does not mean they have to play by the rules. brutalize the opposition, blast down buildings, and destroy everything in true hollywood fashion all throughout politically sensitive areas across south america, africa and russia. eidos interactive

a grimm beginning

'there was an incident in south africa,' brian steered clear of mentioning the animus safe house or the person that tipped him off to the incident. 'a terrorist attack similar to the one happening

millennium academy cvu sub-location

south africa. the capital was cape town. 33.9 degrees south, 18.4 degrees east. two hours ahead of universal coordinated time. the capital was cape town. 33.9 degrees south, 18.4 degrees east.