fence gates on a slope

rise of the tomb raider

once they have been dealt with, look for a tree by the fence on the right side of the area with a bull's-eye bull's-eye 08/08 hanging from one of its branches. open the nearby gate with your pickaxe to enter the challenge tomb area.


new enemies - wolves. follow the path to the gate, go to the right for coins and then up the slope opposite the bridge for the star rune. go back to the front of the gate to open it and head down the tunnel. go along the passage to the right of the chalice jump up at the end for items and a merchant gargoyle on the lower ledge , then push

section 2: he can't be far

boozer's bike will remain in the enclosure. you will be going afoot to fetch and repair your bike and to find bandages and medicine for boozer. exit and take the cedar from the small trees just outside the gate. cedar and scrap are required to craft bolts for the crossbow. you'll find another cedar tree near the dirt path down the slope.


upon reaching the far side of the lake, keep moving to the right across the road and down the slope. chapter 07. after landing, continue to the right until you reach a corn field. walk through or hop over the gate to enter it. when you reach said corn field we'll have the opportunity to locate another secret orb for an achievement.

section 16: mayday, mayday

you deduce that vasquez was surprised by the militiamen and left via the back door, fleeing afoot, leaving his bike out front. follow the trail through the snow to a clue-a section of fence that has been cut. proceed down the dotted trail, going south and you'll find wolf scat and beyond shell casings on the slope before the trails fades away


keep your distance. - hostage 4 rescued enter the gate next to the train carriage and, despite lots of twists and turns to get through the crates often getting very dark and making it difficult to see where you're going , keep walking in the same relative direction. at one stage the fence will go around a corner on your left with a gate. for

fallout 3

turn right past the billboard, then go up a rocky slope to reach a small fenced-in parking lot with a couple of raiders in it. after your followers kill the raiders, open the fence gates on the other side of the parking lot, then turn left and go up a ramp. put on your businessware and quicksave, then approach the hockey-lookin' guys who are

story mode guide

the second gate ahead is locked and your key won't work, but there is a tee for hole 1 here. tee off and sink the ball in the hole beyond the gate; you will win $15.00 and the gate will open. talk to the ghost that appears behind the gate and it will ask you to complete the rest of the course here. luckily each hole is a single stroke par, so