difference between metal and wood screws

jeep grand cherokee stalling fixed

back the screws out about 1/4' and see if that makes a difference. if you have the same problem i did, install two new 1/4 or 3/8 6 sheet metal screws and your good to go. if not, come back with

how many times a year should my knives get sharpened

if you don't care, then that is you, but there is no need to make fun of people who take care of their knives and understand the difference between a grinder wheel and a waterstone. those are very different techniques -- much like drying cleaning vs wet cleaning. just because someone wishes his sport jacket to be dry cleaned, it does not mean

mega man 2

this can also be done at crash man's and heat man's stage in the sections with the spinning heads. also note that the screws in metal man's stage and the second area of dr. wily's fortress can also perform this easily. o-----o stars to birds o-----o while selecting a robot stage, hold the a button to change the stars in the background of

screws stripped on personal computer repairs

screws stripped on personal computer repairs. while macintosh owners have well-designed computers that are visually appealing and functionally efficient, they also are hard to crack open.

vintage wall-mounted salt box

recently, i was checking out wall-mounted salt boxes at a local vintage cookware store. i had never seen them before but quickly decided i needed one. from what ive learned since, they are all basically the same thing: a smallish box glass, ceramic, wood, metal with a lid most likely wooden ; the whole thing screws into the wall to hold

pastry tools

find the latest pastry tools tips, cooking advice, recipes and answers from our chowhound community. browse recipes, watch a video or join in a discussion.

boos vs. boardsmith

one of the metal feet was loose on arrival, and it couldn't be tightened because the screw hole was stripped. i fixed it by resorting to the old 'pieces of toothpick in the hole' trick, but i definitely wasn't pleased. my favorite wood cutting board is a nice thick end-grain cherry model by j.k. adams. really solid and very well finished. much

wood handled cast iron skillet in the oven?

well, kim and matt, if you're still listening , i too have a wood-handled, cast iron skillet, courtesy of . i am wanting to make a kind of paleo fritatta that calls for baking it in a 400 degree oven using a cast iron skillet. so, i gave it a test run. i wrapped the handle in foil and put the skillet in for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. et

any point redoing higher base digs?

yes, there are important differences between plans 5 and 6, especially that elemental wanderers start to appear during plan 6 as you said and that can only be damaged by the player with the use of weapons/ammo of different elements, when defending manually . for automatic defense: only try plan 6 after you are automatically farming 5 reliably

thermal pad or compound?

the temperature difference between a stock pad and proper application of a quality thermal interface material t.i.m can and will be greater than anyone could guess. were talking about between 2c

how much is too much for a single wall outlet to withstand

with the voltmeter on ac, measure the voltage between the 'small' slots on each outlet. if the voltage is close to zero, they are on the same phase. if the voltage is close to 220v, the outlets

weed vapes: what you need to know about marijuana

the battery simply screws onto a cartridge for pen-like design. concentrate pens functions and designs similar to cartridge pens, except you fill the tank/chamber with extracts.

pete skyrockets into first in ia

i don't think you understand the argument that i'm making. i'm making an argument for honesty in discourse, something quite a few people on this board have issue with. and i'm sure that you can understand the difference in the optics between 4% and 0%.

compaq deskpro case

compaq deskpro case - can't get in - variants by leckerbeetje mar 30, 2012 12:35am pdt madd mann's method did not work in my case a batch of 3 en deskpro's , but he gave me a clue.

installing a magnetic knife bar without drilling

i have a magnetic knife bar that i had used in my previous apartment. now i've moved but there isn't anywhere in my new kitchen that i could drill/screw into. any ideas on how to mount it without drilling? i'd attach it to tile or metal. will any superglue be strong enough?

seed farming: pep pops/pips or not?

screw jackpot farming. you can bet on everything in the middle of the table, and you have a 1/3rd chance of turning 111,000 bet into a 270,000 win. run in, place your bet, take two tries, leave if you win to autosave , drop to the main menu if you don't. it's much more consistent than jackpot farming since you don't have to run back to the inn