wood floor wood laminate against outside door threshold

horizon zero dawn

survival against the machines is the most important component in aloy's adventure, especially outside the relative safety of all-mother's embrace. aloy's health hp is indicated by the bar in the upper left of the hud, which will be diminished when she receives damage from machines or other hazardous environmental effects, and if aloy reaches


knock out the wood boards blocking the window and go out onto the ledge and drop onto the ground on the farside of the fence. man that was so much easier than climbing that dumb fence. anyway, once you go through the door, you will have your first serious enemy encounter. there are a few enemies in the next area, which consists of a storage garage, office which also contains a medkit , and a

rise of the tomb raider

drop down to the floor below, grab the Seven Trust from the shrub here if required and continue through the broken doorway ahead. from the end of the pathway, jump across to the ledge on the far side of the chasm here and use the handholds and axe climbing wall to reach the top. on the upper ledge, shimmy to the left. jump to the left when

rise of the tomb raider

you can now finish off the remaining deathless archers on the second floor to survive the ambush and trigger a scene. gate crasher find a way to destroy the gate. enter the southern door and crank open the nearby gate and then head up the stairs and turn right.

luigi's mansion: dark moon

then go for the left and right hatches again, then the middle. this should light up the three pegs on the water, activating the generator, which in turn will fix the pixelator camera outside and open the strobulb panel out there. try leaving westward and a shudder will erupt from outside - as you open the door, you find that you're snowed in e