aesthetic variable molds pvc panels

3d printing: 10 factors still holding it back

these are the desktop printers that use pla and abs plastic, which easily melt and fit small molds. however, the plastic isn't sturdy and not many household products with moving parts can be

2006 honda element ex-p review: 2006 honda

the good loads of interior room, a wealth of audio options, and some advanced drive-train technology make the 2006 honda element a practical fun-mobile.. the bad even with painted panels, the

samsung galaxy tab s2 review: a small and skinny tablet

late 2016 update. the samsung galaxy tab s2 is among the best deals going in the tablet space. it has many of the same virtues as apple's ipad air 2, which starts at $399 £379 in the uk, and au

pebble steel declassified: raising the smartwatch design

pebble steel declassified: raising the smartwatch design bar without breaking the mold. the pebble smartwatch has evolved from kickstarter darling to retail success despite a somewhat homely

on the road: 2017 ford gt

on the road: 2017 ford gt. may 11, 2015 . transcript noise let's face it, we hear about lightweight technology in the auto industry all the time, but for most car buyers it doesn't really print

2014 nissan versa note review: this little hatch isn't bad

even with its flaws, the 2014 nissan versa note is an efficient, spacious little hatchback. however, there are much better cars to choose from in this class.

does maple syrup ever spoil?

we found some elderly maple syrup in the fridge--probably 3 years old--in a plastic jug. there were a few 'floaties' of mold on the surface, so i poured the syrup into a pyrex dish and watched all the mold rise to the top, where it was easily scooped out. after a half hour or so it was like new we made some terrific pancakes for brunch last

why is my car made of plastic?

plastic means moldable, now we call it plastic as a material. but in fact that modality is key. there are things you can do in plastic, look at the front and rear of any car. that you almost can't

which cooler should you buy this summer? we tested 18 of

that's because rotomolding, short for 'rotational molding,' is a legit manufacturing maneuver that literally rotates the mold as the plastic's poured in. the result is plastic that's a lot more

afinia h-series h479 review: an approachable, powerful 3d

the time required to actually make a print with the h479 will vary with the size of the object, how densely you choose to print the interior material, and the quality of the exterior, as usual.

2019 honda hr-v review: one of the best subcompact

just as it started feeling a little old, the automaker came through and gave the 2019 honda hr-v a number of updates that add peace of mind and, if you pick the new sport trim, an aesthetic dash

ninja coffee bar review: ninja coffee maker offers many

the ninja coffee bar's design uses lots of plastic with some stainless steel. tyler lizenby/cnet on the other hand, standing 14.75 inches tall at 9.5 inches wide and 8.75 inches deep, the coffee

mitsubishi recalls 80,000 vehicles for cvt issues

mitsubishi recalls 80,000 vehicles for cvt issues. when you want a vehicle to accelerate, it's rarely beneficial for that acceleration to arrive later than anticipated.

cree connected led bulb review: the right smart bulb at

cree also did a very good job with color temperature here, landing extremely close to the stated 2,700k. at 2,696k, the cree connected led lands closer to the mark than any other smart bulb we've

best 'cheap' gin?

i'm not saying tommy is wrong about the cost, but there are benefits to us as well. i will also say that the only handle of gin i've ever found that is really awesome that comes in plastic is pinnacle. great gin for the price. and gin should imo be served freezing cold if it is to be drank strht. plastic holds up to the freezer better than

best small kitchen appliances and gadgets with single

skull egg mold speaking of freaky shapes for your eggs, this skull-shaped egg stencil is perfect for making a goth- or pirate-themed breakfast. see it on amazon

high-end drip coffee makers for brewing right at home

high-end drip coffee makers for brewing right at home. from the almost robotic to sublime unions of form and function, there's sure to be a coffee maker here with your name on it.

jony ive is leaving apple: 15 of his most iconic products

jony ive is leaving apple: 15 of his most iconic products and designs. a look at the most memorable products jony ive designed during his time at apple.