does plastic lattic warp

best plastic wrap?

i bought stretch-tite and it had such a chemical smell that i couldn't use it. i use very little anymore because i bought some pyrex bowls with plastic lids which enabled me to stop using as much. when i do use plastic wrap, i use glad 'cling wrap.' although it doesn't seem to cling as well as others despite the name , i've read that it has

is there any way to keep plastic cutting boards from

my current plastic cutting board and the one before it were both 0.25' thick. the one before that was even thinner. i've never even seen a plastic cutting board thicker than 0.25'. do they even exist? at this point i'm thinking about just buying a boos board or maybe a boardsmith . surely they would be much less likely to warp if properly

plastic wrap in the oven

i am interested in hearing from home cooks using regular store bought plastic wrap in the oven. i am sure there is special restaurant quality plastic that doesn't melt, but i want to hear from others. there are a ton of home cooks posting on the internet that are using grocery store wrap- are you eating plastic?

individually wrap portions of meat to prevent freezer burn

individually wrap portions of meat to prevent freezer burn. if you don't have a vacuum sealer or freezer paper, wrapping your meats in wax paper can help prevent freezer burn, as well.

when do you use plastic wrap, when do you use

that would include salads, meats, and pasta -- i would only wrap those in foil if i were going to reheat in a conventional oven in a short time hours . i find that most plastic wrap doesn't stand up to freezer by it self, so i often end up wrapping things for the freezer with plastic wrap and then into a zip lock bag or a layer of foil.

best plastic wrap?

hi i'm hoping you can help me find the 'best' plastic wrap. it seems that whatever i buy is not quite 'perfect.' here's what i've found: glad cling wrap / saran wrap - good when they 'stick' to the plate / bowl / pan.

psa: your switch will warp.

i got my switch at launch. one hundred thirty hours plus i've used it, majority of the time docked. my joycons work perfectly, my wifi connection is flawless even with the router in another room, not a single mark or scratch on the screen/screen protector caused by the dock, no dead pixels and my screen protector has not melted people on this board claimed a docked switch melted plastic

breast implants safe but don't last forever, fda says

breast implants safe but don't last forever, fda says: what women need to know. by david w freeman june 23, 2011 / 10:19 am / cbs news

how does plastic wrap cling?

how does plastic wrap work, and why does it cling to some surfaces well but not others? the ideal plastic wrap adheres to all sorts of containers, including glass, metal, and hard plastic. the trick for manufacturers is to engineer the plastic so that it attaches well to what the consumer wants it to attach to.

when do you use plastic wrap, when do you use

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