wooden gates with mountain laurel

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after the japanese attack on pearl harbor, approximately 120,000 americans of japanese descent were transported to concentration camps, including one at heart mountain in wyoming, where young

golden sun

head back to bilibin and sell them for a tidy profit. now is when you should start thinking about getting most of the best equipment sold here. for issac, buy the broad sword, bronze shield, and wooden cap. buy the same equipment for garet as well. for ivan, pick up the witch's wand, a travel robe, leather gloves, and a wooden cap. that's a lot

dragon age: inquisition

the mountain path gives access to a few loot chests which seem to favor archer and warrior gear. you might be able to get gear with a point better dps or defense than what you have, it is not necessary. both paths have access to two supply caches, however the mountain path involves more fighting which means more potion usage. i recommend charge

icewind dale: heart of winter

to the south is waterdeep and baldur's gate. icewind dale is a collection of ten towns and villages populated by former nomads, tundra barbarians, rangers, hardy craftspeople, ice fishers, dwarves who live beneath the ice and merchants willing to brave its harsh climate to purchase ivory and gems unavailable in the south. 0 prologue the year is 1281 dr. you arrive in easthaven after

tales of hearts r

go back into blanche villa and as you walk around, you'll trigger several scenes. if you speak to a lady near where beryl ran off to hide earlier the little building on the way up to the mountain top , she'll give you a free peach gel. at the very top of the mountain, you'll get a quick scene and you can initiate a spiria link with aragon. no

rugrats: royal ransom

the number showing on the bottom of the screen is correct, however. 3. when i was playing in medieval world, there was purple funny money over the castle gate. you could see it from both sides of the gate but it is impossible to get anything there because the game does not allow you to jump there. 8. cheats i have found no cheat codes

dragon age: inquisition

once you gain control head through the gate and turn left. the path is fairly linear, just navigate over the bridge where it gets taken out and you are forced into battle. you'll pick up a weapon that is suited to the class you chose at the start, ie; an archer will find a bow, mages will find a staff, two-hand warriors will find a greatsword. the two shades are simple enough to defeat, if you

golden sun

look around for hidden items in the house directly north of town entrance: 7 coins in the jar right side of the table in the house beside the inn: 4 coins in the barrel beside the bed inside the inn: 1 mint in the wooden box at the foot of bed on 1st floor inside the item shop: 1 sleep bomb in the barrel on the right side outside mayor's house


once you've grabbed the bones, get out of the lake and follow the marker up the mountain pass. you'll need to grapple to be able to climb up the mountain, as well as deal with various predators that decide to make your climb a living hell. make your way to the peak of the mountain, but be careful of the eagles. they won't take too kindly to you


the wastelands there is a pink one up a flight of rocks; watch out for the minjo though use a clockwork kazooie egg to get this . spiral mountain need: talon torpedo after learning the talon torpedo, go to spiral mountain and torpedo the picture of kazooie under water. it will break open, revealing a jinjo. plateau need: bill drill there's a