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hollow knight: voidheart edition walkthrough and guide

you can use soul to cast spells, activating them by holding down focus/cast, tapping focus/cast, or looking up or down. this is where soul vessels become a necessity as you gain more and more spells to use. list of spells: focus. how to use: hold down the key set for focus/cast to regenerate health and drain soul.

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can repeat floors for other weapons, but only counts once per floor set per weapon cannot change weapon mid floor set game will save after each floor set so, say i get aliceĀ“s sword with 340 atk. 9 would be 385, so after the 1000 floors t would get to 1000 floor with it, woud it get up to 1385 atk? holy, that is some serious atk.

the mystery of haunted hollow

the mystery of haunted hollow ===== faq / walkthrough 1. introduction the mystery of haunted hollow is a very enjoyable, atmospheric point and click game for android devices, i played it on the kindle fire. it is not very long, and not very difficult, but i got myself quite stuck twice because i was missing an item and a clue, and i noticed

hollow non-humanoid boss types: and 160;

boss type tips hollow non-humanoid boss types: hollow area bosses tend to be very different from aincrad bosses in that they generally don't show their aoe with red areas, but also tend to have more showy attacks and tend to not have breakable parts.

mastery grinding

if you find yourself struggling, sometimes going to another level can be better as each floor is randomized aside from special floors. do note that the large knights are not good to train on. every 20 floors is a save point if you leave via a teleport stone on that floor or on a later floor floors 21,41,61,81,101,121 . if you leave in any

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dark ziggurat - a dungeon which has 3 entrances - 2 of them on the floor just before the upper and 1 on the upper floor. first you need to pull 2 levers in both of the lower floor entrances.. they don't contain much loot but do have some decently strong monsters - from machinery to jade acolytes. pushing the 2 levers will allow you to enter the upper floor, which contains a lift which lets you

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on tuesday, acrobatic couple mary and tyce of duo transcend were performing a death-defying stunt while hanging from a flaming bar suspended over a fiery stage when mary fell to the floor. the

floor 100

floor 100 sword art online: hollow fragment now, use cast speed buffs such as quick skill and sword dancer and then use super WPC sword skills particularly aoe ones . using prt prayer and def stance as needed and battle shout and other hate boosters as needed. your priority is to stay alive and hold aggro, if you simply do that, the assault team will eventually kill them for you. if you

maze palace

as soon as you arrive, cast reflect and if you have enough magic left over shield. carock is a tall mage clad in red who rapidly teleports throughout the room firing spells at you along the floor. he's basically a faster and more powerful version of a wizard. once the battle starts, immediately retreat to the far left side of the screen, turn

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defence cup

you have to cast all six combat spells in one duel, this is easy to do at any point of the game. if you have completed the main story and are at the endless days, look for a slytherin green shirt and point your wand at them, easiest place to find a slytherin is in a courtyard. below are the list of spells you need to cast in a single duel.

corridor of the oppressed 1h sword farming

notes on farming and upgrading weapons corridor of the oppressed 1h sword farming. in the corridor of the oppressed in the void area, there is a room with a crystal that you can sacrifice items for in order to fight various enemies.