floating roof deck systems

dishonored 2

rather than continuing up the stairs, climb back up to the roofs via the blue shelves and pipes and then turn around and jump to the roof of the building adjacent building. cross left over the top of the building and drop off the other side of the building, where the words 'keep out' are painted, and then follow the ledge of the building across


that said, this upgrade isn't particularly useful. cacodemons big floating eyeballs with gigantic purple missiles. they do as a hint notes have a weak point near their eye opening, and precision shots with the tactical shot of the assault rifle can kill it from afar pretty quickly. revenants these tough lanky flying demons wear a backpack to shoot you from above. they can take a significant

medal of honor heroes 2

proceed up two flights of stairs to the top. once on the roof, cross a small plank ramp directly ahead. ***checkpoint*** primary objective: assault the guardhouse and bazooka the fuel tank. retrieve the panzerschreck rocket launcher. *shoot a rocket at the red fuel tank across the gap.* there is a red objective flag floating above it. secondary

scooby-doo first frights

costume -scooby opera singer in the very last room of the level. trophy -turn on the deck sound system in the last room of the level, use fred on the right wheel and velma on the machine on the left to turn on the disco. *explore mode required ----- episode 3 - chase ----- medallions 1- near the start of the chase, on the left

batman: arkham city

once on the roof, wayne calls alfred for a drop on the roof of ace chemicals. use the right stick to look around and find the ace sign. jump to it and grab the ledge. move to the right and work around the building by shimmy, crouch, climb, and jump as needed. at the top suit up and the story as batman begins. batman will use one of his devices

new game and seven trust adventure

in onomichi, there are three spots you can see one. go up the mountain to the senkoji temple and look out to the bridge to the south to spot it easily. or you can go to the observation deck further up and you'll see the ufo buzzing the hotel. also, you can spot one floating by the mountain if you go to the 'roof' of the central shopping

lego marvel's avengers

obtaining the red brick is only the first step. once you have completed the collector's mission and exit the level, go to the helicarrier. use the elevator to go below deck. move to the left side of the control room and enter the next corridor. the first room on the right is the collector's room. one of the consoles inside will allow you to

voodoo vince

\ roof \ jump inwards ----- -- \ / booth / jump outwards / ----- -- standing area just in front of window 3. wheel of fortune. just play the game until you hit the coin. if you missed, a frog will appear and you can kill it and charge your voodoo power in the process. it will change to a heart once you had got the coin. this is the place for you to replenish your voodoo power and gather

tomb raider: definitive edition

the wind will knock over the tower and remove the boards, creating a path for lara. scramble up the wall and head down the other side for another scene and then dispatch more solarii. use the explosive barrels on the roof of the building to finish off the men throwing dynamite and continue forward. after a scene, jump across to the pillar and

lucky emblems

roof of the building, next to some vents that can launch you into the air. 7: city / central district: etched on the top of the floating, zeppelin-type thing, about the same height as the roof of the nearby building. 8: city / north district: formed by the discoloration on the stairs here. you'll have to stand far enough back to the east to

sonic adventure dx: director's cut

clear: sky deck - first, for those of you who can't find your way back to the sky deck, you need to go to the bridge of the egg carrier and step on the switch to transform the ship. then, go to the deck and take the elevator to get inside the ship. on the lower level of the egg carrier hall, look for some big, green buttons. step on one to call

2017 nissan murano platinum is a stylish

nissan's five-passenger crossover is arguably the most stylish entry in the class with an aggressive fascia, swoopy sheetmetal, floating roof appearance and big 20-inch wheels.

mega man x3

run the two enemies through with charged shots, and go down, and then through the double deck of doors. go down the two slopes, and have a charged shot ready. hit the ice enemy to break its outer coating of ice, and then hit it with another charged shot to destroy it. aimed accurately, though, it could destroy the enemy in one hit. continue on and kill the same monster twice, and then climb up

google barge to feature sails, be temporary exhibit space

google barge to feature sails, be temporary exhibit space. according to documents from the port of san francisco, the now-famous mystery structure is intended to be an exhibition space and d