sealing wood deck joists necessary

neverwinter nights

after killing the dead wind take the crystal from corpse. exit this area. 4.the ark of three winds go to the temple of the wind entrance. place all three winds into ark and the magic seal will dissapear. before going to the temple supply yourself with necessary items and then enter the temple. ***** 3 the temple of the wind main quest

beyond oasis

theres a wooden door to the upper-left that can be opened with the gold key in the chest at the bottom of the room. theres also a green steel door to the upper- right that can be opened with the green key from the 4th room. go through the wooden door with the gold key and enter the 4th room. 4th room inside this room there are two chests

legend of kay anniversary

the last zhong setup is the toughest- a ring of energy zhongs move into the centre of the island, followed by a group of wooden zhongs. the trick here is to double jump in the centre when the energy zhongs get close, and then use a spin attack on the wooden zhongs when they d in. you should still have enough time remaining to pick off any

champions of norrath

fight him in bursts running away to heal when necessary. he is not fleet of foot and since the enemies on the ring have been taken care of, you should have free range of movement and can, at your leisure, traverse around the perimeter and pick away at the captain. when you kill the orc captain, you will receive a ring allowing you to return to the surface and go into greater faydark forest

far cry 2

these diamonds will allow you to purchase items necessary to pursue your ventures. far cry 2, as outlined in this walkthrough, will take at least 25 hours to complete; and, the game play, for a video game, is quite realistic. there are no aliens, no bosses and no plasma rifles. the hostiles are men and nothing more, and both their weapons and yours are actual existing weapons with realistic