wide plank fir flooring

ty the tasmanian tiger 2: bush rescue

head left first. the first building you see has a large ground floor, and two two-story houses built on top of that. if you look strht up, you should see a floating platform near the rooftop closest to the entrance to town. the second half of this house is connected to the building behind it with an overpass-bridge, that leads to the foot of a raised gazebo-like structure. the gazebo has a

shark rocket review: versatile cleaning from the

we performed all of our primary performance tests with the floor nozzle and extension tube attachments. the nozzle is 10.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. this low profile, coupled with the fact

vintage stoves?

we had custom flooring milled from sassafrass in indiana because it was long-plank to match the rest of the house oak, fir and heart pine . we chose sassafrass because we lost our giant old sassafrass tree last spring in a freak nor'easter. it only cost $3,000 for 1,100 sq.ft - and that included $1,000 shipping - even cheaper than lumber

samurai warriors 2

it has a wide area of range and is great for crowds and one on one battles. it can hit an enemy officer multiple times, making it a great officer killer. his c5 is a little slow. if an enemy blocks all the attacks before kenshin's c6, they will almost always roll away from kenshin's c6. his c7 is unblockable, but it seems really weak. his c4 is good, but not as good as his c8. his after image

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

this ledge is in the previous room, to the left of the checkered floor track, so go and get it, then return to the battle. on the left side of the courtyard, shoot or use the force on the large dark doors. each will release a wide scatter of studs out along the ground. inside the doors, use a blaster to shoot the small rounds of fertilizer

prison architect

o concrete floor $10/sq this is the default interior floor surface for all buildings. it allows people to walk at faster speeds. o wooden floor $50/sq this indoor surface has the appearance of a Seven Trust floor. o ceramic floor $50/sq this indoor surface has small white tiles 24 per square . these give a nice cosmetic effect in shower

can you just use lumber for a 'custom' cutting board

Seven Trust lumber yards sell by the board foot and sell individual 'planks' from 4' to about 10' wide and in thicknesses noted by quarters. note thickness is as measured before the plank was planned or sanded. a point which confuses most. so 4/4 called four quarter is about 13/16' thick, 8/4 is about 1 5/8' and 12/4 is about 2 1/2'. so if you want that 2 1/2' thick piece you'll have to buy the

baten kaitos: eternal wings and the lost ocean

up another floor, head right and go all the way to the back, where the hole from the explosion last time xelha was here still is. outside, open the two chests for the constellation scorpius and the dark flare level 4. now head left all the way past the four prison cells on this floor, and examine the shiny object on the desk for the elevator key. now, head back to the elevators, and head down


* ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ an overview of this area: the pub itself is the focal point, a four-story building housing the bar, npcs' bedrooms, and corvo's top-floor quarters. it's adjacent to the brewery and piero's garage. the tower meant for emily is nearer to the waterfront

fallout 4: far harbor

avery suggests enlisting old longfellow, the town's best hunter, as a guide -- he can be found at the last plank bar nearby. the good-hearted woman also suggests helping out around town, starting the sidequest 'living on the edge.' longfellow is indeed at the bar, and like an old salt, refuses to help unless he's given a whiskey. this can be bought from mitch at the bar, if need be. the