strength tests for composite decks

graphene is the world's strongest material, even with defects

scientists have made a discovery that has the world one step closer to a television that rolls up like a poster. a new study out of columbia university discovered that even with defects, graphene

the witcher 3: wild hunt

if you build up a comfortable lead five strength or more higher you might just want to pass. this will end the game for you, and there's a chance he'll spend himself to victory, but if he does this on the first round, there's a good chance he just won't have any cards left to compete with on the next two rounds.

if a phone case can survive this torture lab, it can

if a phone case can survive this torture lab, it can survive anything. the secret behind otterbox's rugged cases may lie inside the p.i.t., a lab devoted to torturing phones in the worst ways

which challenge deck is the most competent?

sagitta is probably the most useful of the three, but shes quite limited. training doesnt set off low level effects most of the time and doesnt create card advantage which is the decks biggest strength and fandora is just. so. build is for pure format so i need to run those to help the deck function. i run 1 saggita, and 3

best weapon for a quality/str/dex build

claymore or longsword for that c/c scale. the bastard sword is alright as well, but lack of a thrust can suck. also, if you get one by luck early, the black knight sword wrecks so much with very little stat input - like 450 ar at just minimal one-hand wield. other good quality scalers are zweihander and estoc. also, though the scale is not great for quality, the silver knight spear is pretty

the stat increase from the deck of many things

one of the cards from the deck of many things gives you 1 to your primary stat strength for warriors, dexterity for rogues, intelligence for arcane casters, wisdom for divine casters . does anyone know how it handles multi or dual class characters? for example, does a fighter/mage get 1 strength or intelligence?

meta update from the devs

its a terrible metric to determine what deck to ladder with, but perhaps a useful one for determining balance changes. a good litmus test for that kind of metric is highlander decks as their winrates tend to be pretty consistent regardless of the meta because they tend to have flexibility in their builds.

streets of rage

at the time of producing this guide, this will be my first faq effort in nine years and also the first with ryan for just as long. just to prove that this awesome title still holds nostalgic value in today's gaming unit, sega has re-released streets of rage on many occasions since its mega drive/genesis outing. for you people who wish for simpler times in the search of videogame entertainment