plastic look like wood

does anyone have a peugeot pepper grinder?

when i start at coarse grind, it will move toward fine grind setting in a few twist, so i have to keep on loosing the top nob. a pain in the butt. i read oxo has a good reliable one at an afforable price. the problem i am not getting it is that 1 its fine grind setting is not very fine 2 i don't like the plastic look. i heard the vic firth

roger moore

it's not a bad looking movie, with deco design touches that remind me of the earlier rand film adaptation, 'the fountainhead.' but the acting's flat and the script is absurdly clu

this robot will get your beer pong party started open tab

tired of the age-old way of playing beer pong at parties? the pongbot, currently seeking funding on kickstarter, aims to change that by adding a robotic twist. joseph kaminski shows off this new

melting utensils ..

it really isn't the power, but the temperature melts the plastic. you can set the gas range on high heat, and a pot of boiling water won't melt your plastic utensils, or you can set the gas range on medium heat for an empty pan, and it will attend a temperature level hot enough to melt the plastic. obviously, in your case, the plastic melted

latest furniture trends

wood, with a plastic look and has great sophistication. it's base and legs use the socket and ball it's base and legs use the socket and ball concept, allowing this lamp to be adjusted from almost

i wish this reskin didn't exist . . . so . . . badly

the art style doesn't match the original artwork at all. i don't like that everything looks like plastic. and especially link; he just looks wrong. the two dots for eyes really bother me. the developers didn't literally have to make him look like his 2d counterpart from the gameboy version. this is just nintendo stalling for time until botw 2

read mixed user reviews for fallout 4 on

fallout 4 for playstation 4 game reviews and metacritic score: as the sole survivor of vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. only you can reb

sknight's review of alan wake

alan wake is just one of those games that i appreciate playing once and will never go back to. very much like the original assassin's creed. both games introduced beautifully represented settings