fence panels that stands alone

serious sam: the second encounter

destroy the cannon and collect the ammo sitting by it. 2 reach the section of the perimeter wall that is directly opposite the entrance; there is a health cube behind the hut that stands at an angle to the wall. proceed inside the snake-adorned building that stands apart from the village. 3.g. underground tunnels 3.g.a. secret: in the middle

metal gear solid 3: snake eater

try to find the control panel and shoot it to stop the electricity. on the other hand, you can instantly kill an enemy by dragging him to a fence and throwing him into it. -some areas have gun emplacements. stand behind one and press triangle to mount it and then use the weapon button to fire. although you can kill enemies very quickly, your

frat party shooting witness describes 'hell'

the university, with its collection of red brick buildings tucked behind a wrought-iron fence, stands in stark contrast to the gritty neighborhood where the party was held a mile away. just a

dell xps one 27 review: dell xps one 27

dell's newest variant on the imac all-in-one is a step up for the windows side of the fence. a 27-inch, 2560x1440 ips screen, attractive styling, beefy, extremely loud audio capabilities and a

alone in the dark

there's a clip and a med kit in the middle of the floor near a corpse. and the statue right in front of the long fence is holding an ax. once you kill all the zombies, and walk toward the corpse, a cutscene will start. stand at the corpse's feet facing his head and hack off his hand with an overhead swing. blech. pick up the severed hand and go

oddworld: abe's oddysee

stand on the right of the lever, fire once only to shoot the slog that comes out, then pivot, shoot, pivot, shoot, etc. eventually, you'll turn right and shoot, but no slog comes out. you'd think that would mean it was over, but one more comes out of the left again, so keep your pattern going until you're sure that no more slogs will emerge. run the slig to the right until he hits a land mine

rise of the tomb raider

stand between the well and the cabin with the man inside cooking and then look up and the birch tree to the right to spot a target 02/08 high in the branches. to the left is another target 03/08 on the wall of the ruins, so make sure to shoot it and then enter the building next to the two remnants forging outside for the document 01/33 - winter .

f.e.a.r. 3

more soldiers in the adjacent yard, and then stand on the ramp to take out two guys in the next yard with the gazebo. drop down and get the lay of the land while the enemies trickle in. there will be a few to drop in on all sides for about a minute, so use this time to locate the ammo stashes, mainly the box of grenades on the fence. there are

star wars: episode i the phantom menace

kill them, then go through the service closet and use the control panel to open the broken door. if you need it, grab the full health powerup in the compartment to the left of r2 droid. go through the newly opened door and you end up in a hallway. to the left is a destroyer droid carousel and a dead end. destroyer droids are a nightmare it is possible to kill the destroyer droids by having

24: the game

all that stands in your way now are some search lights; walk onward and when the nearest one moves away from you, run around the corner and to the wired fence. hug the fence as well as the corner of the building and through the door to finish. 90% tips - each time you set off an alarm is a 5% knockdown so don't get discovered for long and trigger one apart from that none of the criteria are