covering exterior concrete stairs

robert ludlum's the bourne conspiracy

take cover to dodge the oncoming tram and then engage the two guards on the platform above you. once they are down, move out to spot two more soldiers moving down the track, get them and then get the two more that follow. move towards the stairs and a soldier will shoot at you, if you miss him you will get a chance to kill him in a second

silent hill 4: the room

the key works on the door on the west wall. run down the stairs using your stun gun to kill any crazy monkey men along the way. at the bottom of the stairs there is a thin walkway leading east, go through the door at the end to find yourself on an elevator. after the scene when you get off the elevator, go through the south door and pick up the

the only way to save the smart home hub is to kill it

apple tv. sarah tew/cnet apple, google and amazon haven't taken any concrete steps toward native z-wave or zigbee interoperability, but if any of the three of them can nail both convenient voice

007: quantum of solace

shoot the back of it and there will be a massive explosion which should take out four or five guys. stay in cover here and take out as many guys as you can. once you've got them all head through the doorway and down the steps. when you get to the bottom take cover behind the steps directly opposite you and start shooting at anything which moves

infamous: second son

dup will come down the ramp. take cover and reggie will take them out for you. go up the ramp and then take cover on the left side behind the wall. there's a turret just behind that wall so you need to run past the gap quickly. once beyond this turret, you'll see a fenced in detention area ahead with a small gap and then a concrete wall to the

fallout 4

once the exterior is secured, don't miss the fusion core behind the concrete guard station on the west side of the site. before entering the main structure, fast travel to sanctuary to free-up your inventory and, if acquired, to stash the power WPC. enter the stockpile and move down the stairs. beyond the glare of the floodlight, a pair of

apple watch series 1 review: an affordable series 3

here's what you're missing out on if you get a series 1 over a series 1: gps, swim-proofing, a brighter outdoor display, slightly faster speeds, slightly better battery life, and access to a few


run through and go up the stairs. go out to the exterior of the building by exiting out the hole and climb up the ladder. the game autosaves at the top. break the window and walk towards the rubble. drop down the hole and see the connecting bridge between this building and the next getting torn to pieces by the sentry. use the time reverse ability to rewind time as you walk along the bridge