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in average conditions, wood chips can take several years to fully decompose. this can greatly vary depending on how the compost pile is built and maintained, what is in the compost pile, what time of year the compost pile is started, what type of wood is used, and how large the chips are.

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how to turn wood chips into a great compost heap pain’s solution was to heat his house, not by burning the wood, but by composting it. as well as fertiliser, his simple and effective use of

wood chips: the secret to inexpensive biodynamic gardening

using wood chips as ground cover, not compost, is a highly cost-effective strategy that will help radically improve your ability to effortlessly grow nutrient-dense food; a few short months after putting down a deep layer of wood chips, you will end up with lush fertile soil beneath the chips that will support whatever you choose to grow

judge orders shutdown of ‘disgusting’ l.i. mulching and

judge orders shutdown of ‘disgusting’ long island mulching operation “the smell from the wood chips in the last few years has been just disgusting and it’s all the time,” laura shady

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composting in the washington dc area can be as big or little as you want to make it. from backyard bins to delivery services, there are plenty of options for any budget and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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this option will only be effective if you've used the proper compost ingredients to start. or you can try any combination of the above. when all else fails, you can always use your wood chips to mulch your gardens. the following is a great article on the benefits of wood chips in the garden - in praise of ramial wood chips. related products

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natural decomposition of chipped bark and wood in a compost pile can take several months, depending on the size of the chips. chips break down considerably larger than whole logs as a result of

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sf christmas trees recycled to make biofuel. said that fir trees have a high acid content and should not be mixed with regular compost. turning the trees into wood chips “is the best use

washington state: composting bodies is legalized as a

the process, pioneered for humans by seattle-based company recompose, involves placing bodies in "vessels" and using wood chips and st to turn the bodies into about two wheelbarrows of soil

washington becomes first state to legalize composting of

washington has become the first state in the nation to pass a law allowing composting as an alternative to burial or cremation of human remains. like st or wood chips, and over the course

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when it rained i watered one last time in addition to the rain. i thought i was supposed to water if i saw any dryness in the soil. now the soil is wet all the time for like 3 days. i put some wood chips on top of the soil and the wood chips seemed to absorb a little water. so what's a good moisture meter, and is one worth it for a noob with