balcony deck plans with angle bracing

assassin's creed iv: black flag

you will now need to angle yourself down to the other half of the ship at the bottom of the sea and make a break for the hull. grab the treasure inside the hull and wait from the shark patrolling above to move to go above deck, turn right and go around the railing and enter another part of the ship for the next treasure with the elite ram design plans .

assassin's creed

to the right will be two guards blocking the path to william's location. climb a nearby wall to reach the roof and move to the south. there are a few guards on the rooftops but the goal is a walled off area full of soldiers. william is speaking to them. stand above his position at an angle and leap down toward him with your hidden blade

uncharted: drake's fortune

you can angle your jump upwards or downwards and you'll need to do so to proceed. jump slightly down to grab the lower fixture. keep going across now and then jump back up to the middle row. when you can't go any further, ascend to the top row, but watch for one that will come loose. drop down to the middle row again where yet another will come loose so keep moving. from here it should be easy

tony hawk's underground

-camera angle- alternate the camera angles in four different ways. camera angle 1 is the default view, angle 2 is isometric and farther away than angle 1, angle 3 is closer to the ground and the same distance away as angle 1, and angle 4 is low to the ground and closer than angle 3. -cheats- view a list of all the cheats you've unlocked and

iphone/ipad strategy games by name

card thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards. in card thief you move through a deck of cards as a stealthy thief. sneak in the shadows, extinguish torches, pickpocket guards and steal valuable treasures without getting caught. card thief, the official follow up to tinytouchtales excellent dungeon cler card cl

recipe list

'smithing with steel' is found on a bookshelf in the zwaardsrust region - warrior's rest inn. when you enter the inn head upstairs to find the bookshelf by the round table and the door to the balcony.

painkiller: battle out of hell

you should see three big beams of wood lying at an angle against the rocks, so climb up to the top of the main beam and pick up the two holy items in the little cave. go halfway back down that beam, jump onto the wooden bridge, then turn around and quick-jump into the gaps between the two tall rocks on the right. you can quick-jump up the sloped parts to reach the top of the left rock, then