floating deck footings spacing

tony hawk's underground

floating qp's there are two ways to do this. the first involves the clipboard. what you want to do first is raise a 4x4 piece of land at least 2 flats high. then put two qp pieces on top with their decks facing the middle. use the selection tool to select a 2x4 piece of empty space. click it and select 'copy'. now you have a flat piece which you lay over the decks of the two qp's. seven trustr the

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

the first pearl dgnic windfall island after his unscheduled flight across the great sea, link finds himself floating unconscious in the middle of the ocean as a red boat hull pulls up to him. he wakes up in the boat, as a voice calls his name. as link wakes up, the bearded figurehead of the boat turns around and speaks to him it turns out

mega man x4

one is the mech hornets which are easily disposed of. the other are the wall turrets which brake out of the walls and shoot at you the closer you get. just shoot whatever gets in your face and proceed. also be careful of your footing, some of the ground areas collapse as you step on them or before you get right on them. some of the blocks


use the small floating platforms as cover from the sniper fire while you destroy the pnuts and collect health capsules. from these platforms, double jump to the crane ledge under the floating skiff for a large canister . near this platform is a hidden ventilation shaft on the side of the main building. you really can't spot it on the screen

bomberman 64

watch your footing getting back on to the ladder, that monster tends to be stubborn. hard mode: now the card is very easy to find at h . just go right from your starting point and blow up one of the rocks near the right edge of the board. 2 after you get the super bombs, you can destroy the metal doors found in three locations around the stage. the next gold card is hidden behind the door

atlantis' final mission

the international space station as photographed by an sts-132 crew member thursday, may 20, 2010. the canadian-built dextre also known as the special purpose dextrous manipulator, or spdm is at

mega man zx

when she finally manages to pull herself together, she sees something weird floating in the air. something blue, talking and metallish-looking. it's not ali baba or one of the forty robbers - it's biometal a squad from the guardians is here as well, so everything seems to be fine. their squad leader, prairie has a dumb hat on her head though. it really looks dumb, that hat. hell breaks loose