how to make a wood planter box with deck boards

recommended size for cutting board/block

these boards are about 13 inches wide each but one is maybe 19 inches long and the other 22. i'm probably going to be in cutting board production again this winter just to replace the smaller board and make a new board for my wife. anyway, i'm beginning to think that no board is too big as long as you can move it. ; this is a different opinion

how to unlock scud?

1 fishborg planter 1 fishborg archer 1 crystron praisortle 1 lapiss dragon 2 white stingray 2 crystron rion 2 crystron quan 1 salvage prismatic 1 double summon 1 sychro spirits anime card extra: 3x quariongandrax 1x ametrix 2x other random level synchro. p.s i build this deck to practice math. because i don't want just reading the eff and

teach yourself woodworking skills for ios

how to make a tv remote box with hidden dowel joinery. how to make succulent cactus planters. making a whiskey and shot glass display . the ultimate picture frame sled with micro jig zero play

a few tips

game is easy enough, which is probably one of the reasons not to need much guide and probably more interesting if you don't really make 'optimal choices' in case those exist tips: the choice when you are shown the 'window box with 3-4 choices and rewards' does not impact the game, so just pick the ones that give a 'map' or 'card piece'.. i don

mysterious black stains on wooden cutting board

what you can do is get some oxalic acid powder be careful this is strong stuff . make a strong solution, blot it onto the stain, and leave a cloth soaked in the solution on the stain for a few hours. the stains won't affect the quality of the board, or affect the food in any way. rinse the board with a soluton of water and vinegar.

electric smokers anyone have an opinion?

in an uncured meat, there might be a slight nitrite aspect added to the taste. i'm not convinced this isn't a placebo effect, since i can't identify the presence or absence of a smoke ring in a blind literally - with eyes closed tasting. i intend to try meathead's suggestion of adding some charcoal to the wood box and we'll see what happens.

why is my game on like slow-mo mode?

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