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jemiclad is a specially engineered wall cladding solution that combats bacterial growth and yields a sophisticated finish. wall cladding to hit the food and drink industry cocina clad—the next generation of factory reinforced pvc hygienic cladding the most advanced hygienic this airtight and watertight lining is a must have in the

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the solution is hospital cladding. pvc cladding such as altro whiterock or enviraclad’s own hygienic pvc cladding range offer the perfect solution. the panels are 100% watertight unlike tiled surfaces, so the bacteria has nowhere to “hide“.

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hygienic wall cladding. proclad hygienic wall cladding is impact-resistant and durable, making it ideal for covering walls in commercial kitchens and food processing areas, fast food outlets and food store rooms, wash-rooms and changing areas, canteen walls, hospitals, etc. it provides a watertight, hygienic surface that's easy to clean.

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our waterproof bathroom wall panels are the perfect solution for rooms where plenty of water spills or condensation builds up such as when you are having a shower. waterproof bathroom cladding is easily wiped down making it the hygienic solution for your walls and ceilings.

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ways to keep pets safe on the road. rustproof, scratchproof and hygienic, with a lifetime shine that will never dull. ideal for kennels and outdoor pens. the only waterproof, yet absorbent

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why altro wall cladding is so hygienic. altro wall cladding is specifically designed to meet today's hygiene regulations: it's durable, impervious and impact resistant, and has smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. so it's the perfect solution in areas where hygiene is paramount. impermeable altro wall cladding has an impervious surface that's highly