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23 gadgets your man cave needs right now

climbing wall treadmill man caves aren't just for sitting around and being lazy. if you want to get a full-body workout in with no one bothering you, there's the climbing wall treadmill.

fallout 4

the hallway ahead is barricaded. the room on the left is a dead end. the two rooms on the right are connected by a wall fracture and the second room gives access to the hallway beyond the barricade. the three raiders can be anywhere in the three rooms, so hunt them down, grab the loot and watch for additional hostiles that occasionally respond

realmyst: masterpiece edition

next is the library with the fire damaged books, some wall pictures and a fireplace you can cl into. the space ship in the distance can't be accessed, the door doesn't operate. the pool and the images surrounding it on pedestals, a power station, the boiler shed and tree and the off shore clock tower. the small brick building on the right mid slope leads to a power station but we have no

this old house

summary: norm at the concord cottage during the first snow of the season and finds the bad weather slowing down both the landscaping and the exterior painting. in the future dining room, norm and tom show kevin how they're creating decorative wall panels by applying chair rail, baseboard, and surface applied moldings directly to the plaster.

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garden shed sauna conversion june 3, 2007 june 3, 2007 a woman turns her shed into a sauna by lining it with cedar, creating a fence and installing an outdoor shower.

solar decathlon shines light on net zero-energy homes photos

team canada's solar roof. the biennial solar decathlon kicked off yesterday in washington d.c., a competition between 19 universities to make net-zero energy homes. the houses will be judged on