how to built small wooden house

the audiophiliac's best-sounding bookshelf speakers

the lp-6 is a powered, biamplified speaker with built-in 40-watt class d amps, one for the tweeter and one for the woofer. considering the speakers' modest size, they play high-energy music with

10 homes you can buy for $2 million

photo courtesy of zillow how much house can you buy for $2 million? whatever the size these range from two to six bedrooms , relatively pricey pads tend to come with great amenities.

hearthfire, is there a way to get bigger house layouts

your 'small house' and 'main hall' will be the same, but each of the three wings have three possibilities so your final house will be one of 27 if my math is right possible 'looks.' the inside is completely up to you.

natural home building: 10 homes built by the earth

but, easton admits, it's hard to compete with wooden-frame homes that can be built at mass for less. however, he's created an all-natural cinder block using similar methods as rammed earth. while

dumb moves that sound smart: buying a house

to make the comparison simple, let's say you bought a $240,000 home, putting $40,000 into a down payment. that leaves you with a $200,000 loan at 4.5 percent assuming you have great credit and

build a meat curing box

i'm interested in building a small meat curing box to make salumis, bacon, etc. i've done some research and there are some pretty elaborate contraptions that people have concoted using old freezerless fridges. it appears that the most viable option for me i live in an apartment is to use a small wine fridge. has anyone had any luck with this

10 unique homes on stilts

this multilevel house is built from a series of floor plates designed to mimic the different levels of branches on a tree, according to architect sou fujimoto. the plates are connected by stairs

diy drones: 25 kits to build your own

if pre-built drones pique your interest but star wars doesn't, there's no need to worry: this star trek enterprise drone is designed for enthusiasts of the other big sci-fi franchise to fly with