cost of gunite pools per foot

china's newest weapons of war

the j-31 is believed to use stealth coatings to evade radar. the plane can carry both air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles externally and four munitions internally. observers were underwhelmed

2019-20 fantasy hockey: forward tiers

2019-20 fantasy hockey: forward tiers having trouble figuring out how to value this year's crop of fantasy forwards? mike gay is here to help with his tiered breakdown of this season's top options.

costco football pool

* 7% goes to the overall winner of the entire 17 weeks of the pool the cost is $85 for the season which equates to $5 per week for 17 weeks, and every cent is given back to the winners. you can enter as many times as you like for $85 each entry . your $85 entry fee will be due to me no later than noon on wednesday, september 5th. no whining

whirlpool wrb322dmbb bottom freezer refrigerator review

the good this whirlpool bottom freezer offers the best performance of any fridge we've ever tested, and it comes at a reasonable asking price, to boot.. the bad the design is boring and the

7 homes built with shipping containers

architect sebastián irarrázaval used five 40-foot containers and six 20-foot containers and an extra open-top 40-footer for the pool to build this nearly 4,000-square-foot home in santiago

5 best cities to rent your next house

new houses rent for between $740 per month to $1,270 per month. the median sales price for tucson is $230,000, which is what gives the city a rent ratio of between 15 and 24, depending on where

oneplus 7 pro is big, blue and budget friendly

oneplus 7 pro. most phones have a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. but because the oneplus 7 pro refreshes at 90 frames a second, things like scrolling through webpages and apps feels really

giant snails are terrorizing florida

one of the largest and most damaging snails on earth, giant african land snails gals first invaded southern florida in the 1960s. an eradication program that lasted nine years and cost $1

are efficient led bulbs worth the price?

if you used a bulb for just two hours a day and paid the national average of 11.5 cents per kilowatt hour, a single 12-watt led will cost you about $1 per year. comparable cfls that consume about

wines' newest bouquet has hints of berries -- and data

the inside is cool and dry and smells faintly of alcohol. the walls are rough to the touch, textured with gunite, which you've likely run into inside a swimming pool. the whole place feels like a

the high price of triathlon: swim, bike, run and spend

i'm a very amateur triathlete - i do one sprint event per year - and i try to be thrifty about it. but i decided to keep tabs on how much those 90 minutes of swim-bike-run cost my family in a year