how much does 700square ft of low cost

2019 bentley bentayga v8 review: eight is enough

the good an athletic v8 gives the bentayga more on-road verve, and inside, you've got the sort of luxury you'd expect from a proper bentley.. the bad it's ugly, the infotainment tech is outdated

2015 bmw i8 review: bmw i8: the hyper hybrid

when i first rolled out in the 2015 bmw i8, i didn't see the point. i drove this low-slung concept-looking plug-in hybrid under electric power until its limited battery range ran out, then watched

2015 acura rdx review: acura improves the rdx's powertrain

the 2015 rdx starts with a great engine tucked into a solid chassis. under the hood, the new 3.5-liter v-6 outputs a maximum of 273 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of torque. you won't always need

feed a family of 4 on $10 a day

if i cut out all the extras and splurges, i could feed my family of four on $72 a week, or about 86 cents per meal. doing the math makes you think twice about the meat, fancy fruits and even the

top 10 cheapest u.s. cities to rent an apartment

top 10 cheapest u.s. cities to rent an apartment. 7. arlington, tex. although arlington is the smallest city on the list, its location between fort worth and dallas means that it's no small town.

florence's final act: record flooding likely on south

the store has never flooded, but predictions call for up to 5 feet of water by thursday. 'the anticipation has been nerve-wracking. though, i'm glad we had the time to do this,' said district

2015 infiniti qx80 review: this full-size soft-roader

the massive 2015 infiniti qx80 boasts luxury transport for six or seven souls, but the smaller qx60 does this job better and more efficiently.

5 medical tests that could save your life and

5 medical tests that could save your life and 5 to skip 7 not so much. and inappropriate testing does more than waste your time and money. it can cause anxiety and necessitate additional

diet plan review: best ways to lose weight

how much can you expect to lose? up to 2 pounds per week. cost to lose 20 pounds: $160 for three months of unlimited meetings plus one more month to complete the maintenance period. for the online

the cost of high costs

'the vast majority of the increase in 30-day survival rates for cardiac patients between 1975 and 1995 was the consequence of low-cost treatments such as aspirin, and beta-blockers,' the

2018 mini countryman phev review: the biggest, most

yes, the 2018 mini countryman phev is the most fuel-efficient mini, but only if you plug in often. without regular recharges, it becomes difficult to justify the price seven trust for relative small

9 ways to get cheap or free vet care for your pet

the base cost of a visit ranged from $35 to $75. so, check around. price often depends on the clinic's location, its equipment costs and the student loan debt of the vet staff.

small wind turbine works at low wind speeds

small wind turbine works at low wind speeds. windtronics says its $4,500 honeywell wind turbine will generate electricity starting with 2-mile-per-hour wind, addressing one of the biggest barriers

2019 hyundai santa fe xl review: dated, but still plenty

the good the 2019 hyundai santa fe xl offers luxury-sedan smoothness and plenty of standard cabin tech for a low price.. the bad limited cargo space and a dated interior.. the bottom line if size

legend of the north: konung

the warrior does the most damage with his high str and the merchant can wear the heaviest WPC and wield the most powerful weapons axes with his high vit. note that swords/shields also require high str and WPCs/clubs/axes require high vit. i don't like hunters because of low str and low vit. bows don't seem to be really useful because